Subasta Stamps and Covers of the World I Sesión


Martes, 6 febrero 2024
Primera sesión
14.30 h | Lotes 1 -1227

Miércoles, 7 febrero 2024
Segunda sesión
15 h | Lotes 1501 - 1767


1-5 febrero 2024
9.30 – 13.30 / 14.30 – 17.30
Sábados y domingos cerrados

Los lotes se pueden recoger a partir del 9 de febrero

Lote 337

BENIN. 1895. WHYDAH. GRAND POPO to GERMANY. Cover sent via LOME (German Cameron) with three German stamps of 20 pf. blue tied with LOME/TOGOGEBIET cds. FINE and RARE.

Lote 338

BENIN. 1899-1900. 2 covers.

Lote 339

CAMBOYA. 1910. Royal envelope with invitation card from Somdach Prea Norodom, the King of Cambodia with large embossed seal from The Palace of Phnom Penh. A rare and stunning item.

Lote 340

CONGO FRANCES. 1930 (21-III). CORREO AEREO. AIR MAIL. BRAZAVILLE a PARIS. Primer vuelo, firma manuscrita del piloto GOULETTE, sobre dirigido a su esposa (Mu.2).

Precio salida: 100 €

Lote 341

COSTA DE LOS SOMALIES. 1902-04. 2 covers.

Precio salida: 100 €

Lote 342

EGIPTO. 1874. PORT SAID a FRANCIA. Circulada con sello francés de 80 cts. rosa, mat. ANCLA y fechador octogonal PORT-SAID/PAQ. FR. N Nº 5 (Salles 1941). Al dorso tránsito de ALEXANDRIE. Falta parte de una solapa del reverso.

Precio salida: 200 €

Lote 343

EGIPTO. Yv. 12, 25. 1903. PORT-SAID. 10 cts. rojo y 30 cts. castaño. Marca lineal PAQUEBOT.

Lote 344

GUADALUPE. 1824-1867. Lot of covers.

Lote 345

GUADALUPE. 1839 (April 9). Entire letter to Paris from a member of the 5th Artillery Company with extremely scarce usage of framed ´PORT PAYE/Bsse Tre/GUADELOUPE´ in black, endorsed at left ´Affranchie confie a L´Ordinance Royale-Grusse´ and thus struck with red Brest entry mark on arrival (June 19). A very rare entire. Signed Pothion.

Lote 346

GUADALUPE. 1851. Stampless envelope to France cancelled by GRAND-BOURG double ring with BASSE-TERRE transit sent by English Packet with boxed accountancy COLONIES & ART 13, routed via London with French entry cachet and taxed 15 on arrival in Bordeaux. Scarce village cancel.

Precio salida: 100 €

Lote 347

GUADALUPE. 1860 (June 23). Cover to BORDEAUX by British Packet struck with unframed STE. ANNE-GUADELOUPE datestamp in black and rare framed locally made P.P. in black. Red framed P.D. at right over-struck by Calais entry marking. Reverse with BASSE-TERRE/GUADELOUPE cds and Bordeaux arrival (July 15). A rare cover.

Lote 348

GUADALUPE. 1866. BASSE-TERRE a FRANCIA. 5 cts. verde (2) y 20 cts. azul (3), mat. ROMBO DE PUNTOS. F. CALVES y JAMET.

Precio salida: 200 €

Lote 349

GUADALUPE. Ce. 3+4. 1867 (June 10). Cover to FRANCE franked by General Issue 1859/65 Eagle 10c. bistre brown and horizontal strip of three 20c. blue tied by lozenge of dots in black with GUADELOUPE / ST. CLAUDE datestamp in black at left. Framed red ´PD´ also on front and entry marking (June 28) in red. Basse-Terre and Quimper cds´s on reverse.

Precio salida: 600 €

Lote 350

GUADALUPE. Ce. 4. 1870 (Oct 4). Cover to FRANCE franked at Military Concession rate with 1859-65 Eagle 20 c. blue cancelled by black dotted lozenge with scarce GUADELOUPE/SAINTES cds alongside. Reverse with manuscript ´Correspondence des Armees´ countersigned by Commanding Officer and LIGNE A/PAQ. FR. Nº 1 cds (Oct 7) and arrival (Oct 21). Slight envelope fault at upper left but a rare and appealing cover.

Lote 351

GUADALUPE. 1872 (June 25). Printed Prices Current from Pointe à Pitre addressed to Podenac, France bearing a rare franking of imperforate General Issues 1871 1c. bronze on green pair, strip of four and right sheet marginal strip of six all tied by ´GPE´ lozenge or Bordeuax transit cds´s (July 15). One stamp cut as folded over letter sheet at left, however an extraordinary usage of this stamp. Ceres 7.

Precio salida: 700 €

Lote 352

GUADALUPE. 1872. BASSE-TERRE a FRANCIA. 10 cts. bistre (5). Mat. parrilla de puntos y fechador PAQ. FR/BASSE-TERRE GUADEL. RARO franqueo.

Precio salida: 150 €

Lote 353

GUADALUPE. 1872 (Nov 10). Outer letter sheet from Pointe A Pitre to Le Havre with three colour franking of 1872-77 imperforate 5c green, 15c bistre and pair of 25c blue all tied by lozenge of dots in black. Pointe A Pitre cds in black and red entry mark on front of attractive cover. Ceres 17,22,23.

Precio salida: 300 €

Lote 354

GUADALUPE. 1873 (May 6). Cover from Basse-Terre to France franked by 1871 40c orange and 1872-77 5c green (2) tied by dotted 64 point lozenge of Basse-Terre in black. Circular ´Paq. Fr./Basse-Terre/Guadeloupe´ cds at right. Reverse with Ligne A transit and thee French cds´s (May 26). An attractive and scarce cover. Ceres 13,17.

Lote 355

GUADALUPE. Ce. 60. 1875 (Aug 9). Cover to PARIS bearing FRANCE perf. Ceres 1871-75 25 c. blue pair (rare usage in Guadeloupe), cancelled by pen crosses in manuscript and by entry marking in blue (April 25). Mailed at Military Concession rate with octagonal CORR D´ARMEES/BASSE TERRE alongside in black and deleted ´4´ decime charge marking reverse with ´Correspondence des Armees´ in manuscript, countersigned by Commanding Officer. A very rare cover.

Lote 356

GUADALUPE. 1875. Entire to Bordeaux franked imperf pairs 5c & 30c, both cut into, tied by dotted lozenge & blue ´Colonies Fra. V. Ang.´ cds. Obverse also bears Pointe-A-Pitre * Paq. Ang. cds.

Precio salida: 150 €

Lote 357

GUADALUPE. 1874-78. 5 covers with diverse frankings.

Precio salida: 200 €

Lote 358

GUADALUPE. Ce. 19+34. 1878 (Aug 26). Cover to BORDEAUX by British Packet with mixed issue franking of Ceres 1872-77 15c. bistre large figures and Type Sage 1877-79 20c. brown on straw tied by PAQ. ANG.-POINTE A PITRE GUAD. E datestamps in black. Calais transit (Sept 12) in red also on front of scarce cover.

Lote 359

GUADALUPE. Ce. 21. 1879 (Feb 10). Entire letter to SACKVILLE (New Brunswick), franked by imperforate Ceres 1872/77 80 c. carmine pair, small faults, tied by bold GUADELOUPE/POINTE A PITRE cds. Reverse with BASSE-TERRE cds (Feb 11), HALIFAX/NOVA SCOTIA cds (March 9) and SACKVILLE, NEW BRUNSWICK cds (March 10). A cover of great visual appeal to a rare destination.

Lote 360

GUADALUPE. Ce. 20. 1880 (Feb. 21). Internal cover sent registered within POINTE A PITRE franked by imperforate Ceres 1872/77 30 c. grey brown in a fine horizontal pair tied by GUADELOUPE/POINTE A PITRE well struck datestamp. An extraordinary and scarce local usage.

Lote 361

GUADALUPE. Ce. 19+53. 1883 (Dec. 6). Registered cover to Caen franked at Military Concession rate with mixed issue usageof General Issues imperforate 1872/77 Ceres 15c. bistre brown and perf. 1881 Dubois 25c. bistre on yellow for 40 centimes rate; tied by GUADELOUPE / BASSE TERRE cds´s with octagonal CORR.D.ARMEES / * / BASSE TERRE datestamp alongside. Octagonal Paquebot COL. FR. / LIG. A. PAQ. FR. NO.1 in black below (Dec 11) and Paris cds in red (Dec 25) on front. Reverse with Caen arrival cds. Rare.

Lote 362

GUADALUPE. 1884. Postal stationary card addressed to FRANCE bearing French General Colonies 5 c green (pair) (Yvert 49) tied by BASSE-TERRE GUADELOUPE double ring with PARIS/ETRANGER entry cachet in blue and PARIS arrival on front. Very fine and scarce.

Lote 363

GUADALUPE. 1885 (April 10). Registered cover to Rotterdam franked by General Issues 1859-65 Eagle 80c. carmine and Dubois 20c. brick red on green tied by Pointe A Pitre cds´s. Octagonal ´Col. Fr. / Lig. A.Paq.Fr.No.1´ in black on front and arrival (April 27) on reverse. Attractive cover. Ceres 6,52.

Lote 364

GUADALUPE. Ce. 46. 1886. Cover to FRANCE at Printed Matter rate bearing Dubois 1881 1c. black on azure (5) all tied by BASSE-TERRE cds´s in black. Octagonal COL. FRA-LIG A. PAQ. FR. No. 1 French Paquebot datestamp in red below (April 1). A fine cover.

Lote 365

GUADALUPE. 1895 (March 7). Cover to PARIS franked by 1892 25c. black on rose tied by bold GUADELOUPE / ST. ROSE LA (BOUCAN) datestamp with repeated fine strike alongside. Reverse with Pointe A Pitre transit cds of same day. Scarce. Ceres 34.

Lote 366

GUINEA FRANCESA. 1859. RIO PONGO to FRANCE. Entiere letter send by British ship via Senegal, blue GOREE/* datestamps on front and local rated by ´6´ decimes.

Lote 367

GUAYANA FRANCESA. 1842. CAYENNE (Guayana) a BORDEAUX. Marca GUYANE FRANCAISE y fechador de entrada OUTRE-MER/LA ROCHELLE en negro (Salles 149). MAGNIFICO Y RARO.

Lote 368

GUAYANA FRANCESA. 1846 (Dec 19). Cover to RENNE endorsed ´Par le Mazagran´ struck with extremely rare local octagonal framed handstamp PD in black (repeated strike on reverse), straight line GUAYANE FRANCAISE in black at right and OUTRE-MER/ST. MARTIN ILE DE RE entry marking. Reverse with manuscript confirmation of payment and despatch signed by Postmaster. Very rare, only two covers known.

Precio salida: 400 €

Lote 369

GUAYANA FRANCESA. 1851 (april 4). Official cover and printed headed contents locally used to a Ship´s Captain in CAYENNE, struck on reverse with circular GUYANE FRANCAISE-GOUVERNEUR cachet. Obverse with oval framed italic LE GOUVERNEUR DE LA GUYANE FRANCAISE cachet in black. An unusual and early entire.

Lote 370

GUAYANA FRANCESA. 1883 (Dec 1). Outer letter sheet sent registered from CAYENNE to ROUEN franked by 1881 Dubois 25c. bistre on yellow (2, one with small corner fault) tied by CAYENNE despatch cds. Circular LIGNE C-PAQ. FR. No. 1 cds at left (Dec 3) and trans-shipped with octagonal LIGNE A-PAQ. FR. No.1 in black (Dec 10). Slight ageing but a remarkable and rare cover. Ceres 53.

Lote 371

GUAYANA FRANCESA. 1828-1930. Lot of 10 covers.

Precio salida: 250 €

Lote 372

INDIA FRANCESA. 1860 (April 21). Cover from PONDICHERY to BORDEAUX struck with circular BUREAU DE PONDICHERY in red, framed PD alongside and red Suez Ambulant cds at right (May 26). Bordeaux arrival cds (May 27) in black on reverse.

Lote 373

INDIA FRANCESA. 1860. Cover from PONDICHERY to BORDEAUX endorsed ´p. steamer´, franked by France 1852 40c. orange (3) paying the double rate. At that time the Pondichery office had not yet received the cancellations to obliterate the stamps and the French stamps were cancelled on the ship with DOTTED LOZENGE anchor in the center in blue. Circular BUREAU DE PONDICHERY/* despatch in black (May 7). EXTREMELY RARE. Cert. P. SCHELLER.

Lote 374

INDIA FRANCESA. Sc. 20. 1873 (July 12). Double rate cover to LOURDES franked by 30 c. strip of four, margins just touched to very fine, tied by Anchor lozenge with Provenance cachet ETAB. FR. INDE / PAQ. FR. O No 1 in black (Salles 1962a) carried on Paquebot Meinam to Galle, transferred to Mei-Kong of Ligne N with MARSEILLE entry cds on reverse (Aug 9). Despite imperfections, an attractive cover.

Lote 375

INDOCHINA FRANCESA. 1886. SAIGÓN a FRANCIA. Sobre con Franquicia al dorso circulado con tres sellos de 15 cts. azul, matasellados a la llegada MARSEILLE/SPECIAL MOBILE y fechador octogonal al lado CORR. D. ARMEES/*SAIGON*.

Lote 376

INDOCHINA. Lot of 17 covers.

Precio salida: 300 €

Lote 377

INDOCHINA. Yv. 90. 1920. Envelope (vertical fold) written from Bach-Mai Village addressed to ALGERIA, North Africa bearon Tchong-King 12 c. on 30 c. brown tied by ´Bach-Mai´ m/s with adjacent POSTE RURALE/ZONE de Hanoi/Hoang-Mai and Hanoi/Tonkin transit on reverse. Nice item of Rural Post mail.

Lote 378


Lote 379

LEVANTE: CORREO FRANCES. Ce. 15. 1854 (June 10). Cover from CONSTANTINOPLE to MARSEILLE franked by large margined 1853 25c. blue in a horizontal strip of four tied by ´3707´ petit chiffres with French P.O. in Constantinople cds at right. Delightful multiple and franking and believed to be unique.

Lote 380

LEVANTE: CORREO FRANCES. 1855 (June 9). CRIMEAN WAR. Ladies´s embossed envelope with complete original contents sent to FRANCE from VARNOUTKA and franked by 1853 20c. blue tied by dotted ´AOQG´ lozenge of dots, with ´Armée D´Orient/Quart. Gal´ cds at right. Fine contents and a scarce and appealing entire.

Lote 381

LEVANTE: CORREO FRANCES. 1863. SMYRNA a GÉNOVA (Italia). 40 cts. naranja (2) (Yv. 23) mat. de Paquebot PHASE/* en azul. MAGNÍFICA y RARA.

Precio salida: 300 €

Lote 382

LEVANTE: CORREO FRANCES. Yv. 22, 23 (2). 1865 (26 Agosto). ZILÉ (Zileh, al sur de Samsoun, Turquía) a CONSTANTINOPLA circulado con sellos franceses de 20 cts. azul y 40 cts. naranja (2), mat. ANCLA y fechador de paquebot BOSPHORE/* corregido a manol ´MERSEY´. Extraordinariamente raro y no reseñado en Salles.

Lote 383

LEVANTE: CORREO FRANCES. 1867. Outer letter sheet to SWITZERLNAD franked by France perf Napoleon 20 c. and 40 c. tied by ALEXANDRIA gros chiffres 5080 and boxed PD (unusual) with Alexandrie/Egypte cds alongside. Transits and arrival cds´s on reverse of attractive cover.

Lote 384

LEVANTE: CORREO FRANCES. 1869. SALÓNICA a LIVORNO. 10 cts. bistre (4) y 20 cts. azul. Mat. rombo de puntos ´5095´ y fechador ITALIE/1 SALONIQUE 1. MUY RARO sobre el sello.

Precio salida: 150 €
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