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Lote 1154

SERBIA. Mi. 12IVA (6). 1878 (8 Aug.). VALJEVO to BELGRADE. Three pairs of fourth printing 10 pa. brown, perf. 12, tied by VALJEVO cds. KNJAZ.SRP. POSTA BEOGRAD arrival on reverse. Outstanding and UNIQUE FRANKING. Ex. Alexander collection. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Precio salida: 375 €

Lote 1155

SERBIA. Mi. 12IVA (2). 1879 (27 Feb.). VRANJE to BELGRADE. Pair of fourth printing 10 pa. brown, perf. 12, tied by boxed PLACENO in blue, arrival cds. on reverse. Vey fine. Ex. Vernet. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Precio salida: 250 €

Lote 1156

SERBIA. Mi. 14IV, 17V (3). 1879 (10 July). POZAREVACKA. Locally used cover. Franked by fifth printing 40 pa. purple strip of three perf. 12 on front and fourth printing 20 pa. blue perf. 12 on reverse, with manuscript delivery confirmation. A UNIQUE FRANKING COMBINATION 60 pa. normal delivery + 40 pa. Registered fee + 40 pa. delivery confirmation. Ex. P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Precio salida: 500 €

Lote 1157

SERBIA. Mi. 14VE. 1879 (11 March). BELGRADE to BERLIN. Fifth printing 20 pa. ultramarine, strip of four, perf. 12, tied by BEOGRAD cds. in blue. Registered cover to GERMANY. VERY RARE. Ex. Mercury, Sir John Williams and P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Precio salida: 500 €

Lote 1158

SERBIA. Mi. 12IVA, 14IVA. 1879 (21 Aug.). TRSTENIK to BUDAPEST. 10 pa. deep red brown and fourth printing 20 pa. ultramarine, perf 12, tied by straight line TRSTENIK with manuscript date ´9/8´. On reverse BELGRADE transit and BUDAPEST arrival postmark. EXCEPTIONAL SHADES. Very fine. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1159

SERBIA. 1878-80. 2 covers with 40 r. and 50+50 r. frankings.

Precio salida: 150 €

Lote 1160

SERBIA. 1902-15. 3 covers with POSTAGE DUE STAMPS.

Lote 1161

SUECIA. 1800-1860. 2 covers to France and 3 covers from Spain and Germany to Sweden, diverse entry marks.

Lote 1162

SUECIA. 1862. ARVIKA a ELVERUN (Noruega). 24 ore amarillo (4) y 50 ore carmín, carta certificada. Manuscrito ´Recommenderas´ franqueo de 146 ore correspondientes a un cuadruple porte (sobrepagado en 2 ore), la tarifa exacta es de 144 ore. Franqueo excepcional. (Facit 45.000 Skr). Cert. H.OBERMÜLLER.

Lote 1163

SUECIA. 1869 (Dec 27). Delightful Ladies´s envelope to Karlborg franked by 1858-62 12ö ultramarine tied by Carlstad cds. Karlsborg cds (Dec 30) on reverse and front with manuscript ´Retour à Töreboda´ . An attractive cover. Scott 9.

Lote 1164

SUECIA. 1871. Wrapper to London franked 12 & 24 ore tied by Stockholm date stamp. Obverse bears oval-framed ´Franco´ and red crayon ´2´. Full SPPV (1996) certificate.

Precio salida: 150 €

Lote 1165

SUECIA. 1871 (June 21). Original letter from a Notary in France to Sweden (no outer cover) concerning Prisoner of War held in Stettin, together with 1871 (July 17) cover and content letter from French Consul in Stockholm enclosing ´6 thalers de Prusse´ for this French Prisoner of War in registered envelope (sent with Notary´s letter) bearing 1858 5ö green and vertical pair of 1866 20ö vermilion tied by STOCKHOLM cds´s. Two strikes of framed ´RECOMMENDERAS´ in black and, on arrival handstamped ´Parti Retour 15.7´ in black, presumably at the Camp where the prisoner was held. An extraordinary cover a fascinating history. Obermüller Wilen certificate. Scott 6,16.

Lote 1166

SUECIA. Mi. 7+21+23. 1872 (Aug. 6). Small envelope to ROME with mixed issue franking of 1858 5ö. green and 1870 12ö. pale blue and 24ö. orange tied by STOCKHOLM cds´s. Framed FRANCO in black at top and framed P.D. tying the 5ö. green. Reverse with PKXP No. 2 Railway cds and Rome arrival (Aug 11). A few edge faults but a stunning and scarce cover.

Precio salida: 500 €

Lote 1167

SUECIA. 1876. Entire letter to FRANCE bearing finr three colour franking of 1872 3 o. bistre, 5 o. green and 12 o. blue all tied by SKUTSKAR cds¦s and by blue ERQUELINES entry marking. Scarce franking for 20 o. rate. Sc 17,19,22.

Lote 1168

SUECIA. 1827 (Aug. 15). SWEDISH COLONY. Entire letter from ST. BARTHOLOMEW´S to WASHINGTON (North Carolina); charged at 27 cents in manuscript. Struck with red straight line SHIP and NEW YORK (Sept 14) cds in red. A fine and rare cover.

Precio salida: 250 €

Lote 1169

SUIZA. 1855 (Aug 30). Cover at double rate from Geneva to Bologna, Papal States; franked by 1854-55 10r. blue (Berne I printing) and 1855 1fr. grey (Berne II printing) cancelled by barred in black. Taxed on arrival for local delivery with manuscript ´8´ (bajocchi) altered from original ´9´ charged, Torino and Bologna cds´s (Sept 3rd) on reverse. A few minor imperfections but a very attractive and rare cover. Certificate SBPV, Renggli. SBK 23B,27C.

Precio salida: 500 €

Lote 1170

SUIZA. 1856 (April 14th). Entire letter from Vevey to Boston, USA with three colour franking of 1854-55 (Berne I) top marginal 15r. rose and 20r. orange with Berne II 1fr. grey tied in black. Pontarlier entry mark in red and ´New York/Br. Pkt/5´ cds of transit (April 29th) with 5c. due on delivery in Boston. Small imperfections but a scarce franking. Certificate Berra-Gautschy AIEP. SBK 24B, 25B, 27C.

Lote 1171

SUIZA. 1865. Entire letter to BELLGARDE franked by two shades of 1862 10 c. pale blue and 2x10 c. deep blue tied by GENEVA cds´s and red entry marking. Unusual cover-shades are very different. Sc 44 var.

Lote 1172

SUIZA. Sa. 17. 1872. COMO a CLUSONE. Carta franqueada con sellos suizos de 10 rp. rojo (2) y sello italiano de 10 cts. castaño matasellado en COMO y tasada a la llegada con sellos italianos de 10 cts. (2). MUY RARO franqueo mixto probablemente realizado por un suizo que estando en la frontera pensó en franquear la carta con sellos de los dos países.

Lote 1173

SUIZA. 1878 (July 9). Cover to Vienna franked by late usage of 1862-64 5c. brown in a fine horizontal strip of five tied by Basel cds´s. Fifth stamp at right showing clear ´Double Transfer´ variety of numeral ´5´ in lower left. Rare. Scott 43,43d.

Precio salida: 300 €

Lote 1174

SUIZA. Zu. 30. 1881 (Feb 11). 2kr. brown postal stationery card mailed to AARAU (Switzerland) and up-rated with 1867-74 3kr. green tied by Habsburgasse-Wien despatch cds. On arrival, re-addressed to Zurich and franked by Swiss 5c. brown tied by Aarau (Feb 14) cds. An attractive and unusual usage. Cert. RELLSTAB (1997).

Lote 1175

SUIZA. Yv. 83(2). 1890. GENEVE a FRANCIA. 5 cents. castaño rojo y 40 cts. gris. Dent. 9 1/2 (2). Valor Declarado, marca CHARGE y lacres al dorso. Rotura a la derecha del sobre producida al abrirlo, sellos en perfecto estado. Rarísimo el 40 cents. dent. 9 1/2 en carta.

Lote 1176

SUIZA. 1896. BERN a ANVERS (Bélgica). 5 Rp. lila rojo sobre entero postal belga de 5 cts. verde, la tarjeta fue reexpedida a VALPARAISO (Chile) y el correo belga dió validez al entero postal. Muy interesante franqueo mixto.

Lote 1177

TAILANDIA. 1799 (Dec. 26). Entire letter written by one George W. Call on Ship ´Sansom´ off Sayer Island (today Ko Similan), opposite modern day Puket, Thailand written to GLASGOW (Scotland). The letter states ´I deem myself fortunate in just meeting the homeward bound fleet under way which opportunity I take with much pleasure to advise you of my safe arrival in Bengal Rivers as we have been longer on the voyage than I expected but very fortunate in meeting with no enemy though there are a number of privateers in the Bay which we must have very narrowly escaped. I shall in all probability reach Calcutta in two or three days whereupon I shall write you more fully. At the first opportunity you will be good enough to mention this to Mr. Taylor with compliments as I defer writing to him until I get to town. A merry Christmas to you, it is more than I have had... Ship Sansom, off Sayer Island´. Struck with fine oval SHIP LETTER-CROWN-DOVER in brownish black on front and with London arrival datestamp in red on reverse (May 20, 1800) and rated 1/9d. to pay (altered from 10d.). A rarity and a truly extraordinary entire, most probably the EARLIEST COVER FROM THAILAND that did service entirely through the Mails rather than the Diplomatic Bag system.

Precio salida: 4.500 €
VENDIDO POR: 5.500 €

Lote 1178

TAILANDIA. 1899. Military mail envelope to PARIS endorsed Troupes D´Occupation de Chantboun and cancelled CORPS. EXPED. SAIGON COCHIN. datestamp with military cachet REGIMENT DE TIRAILLEURS ANNAMMITES, 2nd. BON. 7e C.c/LE CAPITAINE COMMANDANT in blue and signed by the Commander. A rare item of military mail, the first recorded example of this cachet on Siam occupation mail.

Precio salida: 300 €

Lote 1179

TAILANDIA. 1904-1940. 8 covers, diverse frankings.

Precio salida: 200 €

Lote 1180

TURQUIA. 1591 (February 20). CONSTANTINOPLA to MADRID. Entire letter written in Portuguese with red oval sealing wax. Exceptional cover, this the earliest cover from Turkey to Spain. Cert. TURKISH PHILATELIC FEDERATION.

Precio salida: 500 €

Lote 1181

TURQUIA. 1875 (7 Oct.). Entire letter from BROUSSE to ISTANBUL, bearing on reverse unoverprinted 1868-76 10 pa. dull purple imperf. between horizontal pair, 1 pi. yellow with boxed Brusa (Coles and Walker 142) and 1 pi. yellow with blue Shehir Type III overprint tied by oval BAGHTCHE CAPUSSI datestamp; two adhesives torn through on opening, nevertheless extremely attractive and rare.

Precio salida: 200 €

Lote 1182

TURQUIA. 1884. GREECE. Registered cover bearing on reverse 1 piastre + 2 piastres tied by all Arabic double-circle KAVALA cancellation to CONSTANTINOPLE. (C/W fig.9).

Precio salida: 300 €

Lote 1183

TURQUIA. 1886. Postal stationery card sent to PARIS showing all Arabic triple-box KASTAMONU cancellation (C/W fig.93).

Lote 1184

TURQUIA. 1890. PALESTINE. Postal statinery card sent to AKKA showing bilingual SAFED cancellation (C/W fig.85).

Precio salida: 75 €

Lote 1185

TURQUIA. 1892. French postal stationery card used in Istanbul and accepted by Ottoman post to SWITZERLAND showing very rare all Arabic double-octagonal TARABYA cancellation. (C/W fig.177) RRR.

Lote 1186

TURQUIA. 1894. MACEDONIA. Postal stationary card used from BITOLIA to FRANCE showing all Arabic negative USKUP seal (C/W fig.127).

Precio salida: 75 €

Lote 1187

TURQUIA. 1895. Postal stationery card sent to AUSTRIA showing all Arabic triple-box AYASULUG cancellation (C/W fig.182).

Precio salida: 120 €

Lote 1188

TURQUIA. 1896. MACEDONIA. Postal stationery card sent from VELES to BELGIUM showing all Arabic double-oval KOPRULU cancellation (C/W fig.75).

Precio salida: 125 €

Lote 1189

TURQUIA. 1897. GREECE. Registered cover bearing 1892 issue 2 piastres tied by bilingual VOLOS cancellation to SMYRNE (C/W fig.18).

Precio salida: 75 €

Lote 1190

TURQUIA. 1898. GREECE. Postal stationery card used to LUXEMBOURG showing all Arabic double-circle ISKECE cancellation (C/W fig.20).

Precio salida: 125 €

Lote 1191

TURQUIA. 1900 LIBIA. Ottoman postal stationery card answer part used by Tripoli French post office to BELGIUM showing TRIPOLI BARBARIE cancellation.

Lote 1192

TURQUIA. 1908. LEBANON. Picture postcard of Sofar Hotel bearing 20 para tied by very clear and rare all Arabic negative SOFAR seal to Cairo (C/W fig.118).

Precio salida: 150 €

Lote 1193

TURQUIA. 1909. SYRIE. Cover bearing pair 20 para tied by bilingual LATTAQUIE cancellation to CONSTANTINOPLE (C/W fig.81).

Precio salida: 75 €

Lote 1194

TURQUIA. 1914. LEBANON. Picture postcard bearing 20 para tied by bilingual large circle BEHAMDOON LIBAN cancellation to EGYPT (C/W fig.64) RR.

Precio salida: 200 €

Lote 1195

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1810-60. 8 transatlantic covers to FRANCE with different entry marks, one cover from US CONSULATE MALAGA and 3 covers from GERMANY.

Precio salida: 100 €

Lote 1196

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1848 (6 Mayo). LAWRENCEVILLE (Georgia, USA) to US ship ´Ohio´ Pacific Scuadron in Callao. Envelope with full contents, carried by ship ´Julia´. Red oval forwarding agent stamp FORWARDED BY J.H. JOHNSON and manuscript ´Callao´ (Perú).

Lote 1197

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1851. 1c. deep blue imperforate, three fine single examples (Types II and III) used on cover to WALCOTTVILLE (Conn.) tied by NEW YORK (Oct 26) cds´s in black. A fine and very rare usage. Scott 7,8.

Precio salida: 200 €

Lote 1198

ESTADOS UNIDOS. (1857-63 CA.)(July 27). Cover to Washington DC franked by 1857 3c. tied by fine strike of Six Pointed Star cancellation in black with Chicopee/Mass cds below. Rare. Scott 26.

Precio salida: 75 €

Lote 1199

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1858. Envelope to IRELAND bearing 12 cents black (2) (Scott 36) plate 1 tied by HUNTINGTON IND. datestamp sent on the steamer ´Europa´ via Liverpool, arrived too late for sorting and bagged direct to Dublin with AMERICA/PAID/DUBLIN datestamp in green (Robertson P1) and ENNISCORTHY arrival on reverse. Very fine item of transatlantic mail.

Precio salida: 125 €

Lote 1200

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1864. 10 c. yellow green, 5c. brown (68,76). Tied by cogwheels, SAN FRANCISCO CAL Jun 23, 1864 double-circle datestamp on yellow cover to France red NEW YORK 12c. credit datestamp, small edge tears. Very fine.

Precio salida: 150 €

Lote 1201

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1866. 2c. Black (73). Used with vertical pair of 10c. yellow green (68). perfs clipped at left, and two 3c rose (65) tied by blue LOUISVILLE KY. JUL. 17, 1866 double-circle datestamp, on orange cover to PRUSSIA red N.YORK AM. PKT. PAID 7 JUL, 22 credit datestamp, blue boxed AACHEN FRANCO handstamp, one 3c. vertical crease, appears. Fine.

Precio salida: 200 €
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