+ Can I examine the lots before or during the auction?
Yes. You will find all the information in the catalogues of each auction, as well as by accessing the auctions posted on our website. You will see the viewing dates to examine the lots in our offices, whether the auction is public or exclusively online. On the day of the auction, as an exceptional case, you may do so with prior authorization.
+ I have not received payment for some lots that I have sold. Why?
If you have not received payment yet, the lots can be in a particular situation, for example, subject to receiving an export permit. You can contact us by telephone +34 932 018 733, through the Contact page on our website and filling the form or by email at [email protected].
+ What does current bid mean?
Current bid indicates the highest bid for a lot at that time.
+ How and can I register as new customer?
Click on Sign up button located at the top right of the website. The instructions are very simple, do not forget to enter all the mandatory data. Once you have finished, you will be registered and you will have an account with Soler y Llach.
+ How can I know if my lot has been sold at auction?
1 - At the end of the auction we will send you an email informing you of the auction results
2 - You can see what it is happening during the auction, coming to the saleroom, following it online or checking the results on the website at the end of the auction
+ What is Soler y Llach Auctions?
Soler y Llach is a leading national auction house, and a reference in the international market in the sale of stamps, covers and postal history, coins and banknotes, old books, maps, manuscripts, posters and collectibles.
Our clients always get the most value possible from the pieces that they include for sale in our auctions as they have access to an international community of more than 100 countries. We have sold more than 1,000,000 lots or collection pieces.

+ The lot has been lost during transport. What should I do?
We will try to help you locate the package, contact us by telephone +34 932 018 733 or email at [email protected].
+ Does the invoice include shipping and packaging costs?
Invoices include transportation costs except if you pickup the lots at our offices.
+ Who is in charge of transporting the articles to our offices?
There are three options:
1 - Bring your items to our offices yourself.
2 - Soler y Llach Auctions organizes the transporting of lots. If they are very bulky, we will provide a witten estimate.
3 - We advise and provide our clients contact information of a specialized transportation company so that you can organize it directly with them.
+ How can I update or change my home address?
You can change your home address by logging in and visiting "My Account". Once here, click on "Profile Data".
+ I want to sell but I don't know the value of my items. Can you give me an estimate?
Yes. Please go to FREE APPRAISAL section and fill the form.

+ How can I sell my valuables at Soler y Llach?
Our experts will be pleased to assess the minimum sale price (starting price) and to agree on special advance payment conditions. As well as the valuation of the direct purchase price and cash payment.

+ I have a question about the description of a lot
We will be happy to help you solve any doubt or question. Use our Contact section and fill in the form and we will provide a quick response
+ One or more lots have not been sold. Are they automatically included in the next auction?
The agreement reached with each consigner includes the sale of the lots in one or more auctions. In case of the lots are unsold, you will be informed of the way and price that those lots could be included in a future auction, being the owner who will give the final consent.

+ Our main aim
Our primary goal is to facilitate access to the fascinating world of collecting to any interested person.
+ What should I do if the package has been damaged during transport?
We will try to help you with this issue, contact us by telephone +34 932 018 733 or email at [email protected].
+ Are shipments insured?
Yes, with Soler y Llach Auctions, all packages are shipped insured.
+ Is the valuation free of charge?
Yes, it is. Contact us through Free Appraisal section or by telephone +34 932 018 733
+ What does starting price of a lot means?
The starting price is the minimum price accepted for a lot in an auction. Below this price, Soler y Llach Auctions does not accept bids.

+ How can I change my username?
Your username is your email address, so you cannot change it. You can create a new account with another email address and, therefore, another user.
+ How do our experts evaluate the precious objects that a client wants to auction?
The experts study the intrinsic value of an object or lot and also compare the prices for which similar pieces have been sold on the national and international market in recent years.

+ I don't have an email address. How do I register?
Call us and we will do your registration directly and we will give you access to enter our website.
+ Do the sellers need to pay a commission?
Yes. We will inform you of the commission once the object has been appraised.
+ When will I receive the payment for sold lots?
45 days after the auction date, when the lot has already been collected by Soler y Llach Auctions.

+ I have bought a lot. How do I pay?
When a lot is awarded, you will receive a provisional invoice with the different types of payment.
+ How can I inform that I do not want to auction my lots again?
Please, send us an email to [email protected], indicating which lot or lots you want returned. The head of department will contact you to agree on how we can return them.
+ What does maximum bid mean?
It is the highest price you are willing to pay for a lot. Our system will automatically defend your bid up to the amount you have indicated in your order.

+ How can I change my personal information?
Log in and visit your profile page in "My Account". Once here, click on "Profile Data".
+ How can I make sure that the lot being auctioned is not a fake?
We evaluate the lots with the utmost rigor and we are based on the opinion of specialists and external experts to corroborate their authenticity. Many lots are accompanied by certificates of authenticity.
+ Who is responsible for the transportation of your unsold lots after the auction?
There are three options:
1 - You can pick them up at our offices
2 - Soler y Llach Auctions organizes the shipment, and that costs will be charged in the invoice
3 - We advise and provide our clients contact information of a specialized transportation company so that you can organize it directly with them.
+ How to log in
Click the Log in button located at the top right of the website. Then, enter your email and your password. Remember that the password created will always be the same for all auctions and each time you want to enter as a registered user on our website.
+ When and Who founded Soler y Llach Auctions?
In 1989, Filatelia Soler (1974) and Filatelia Llach (1915) founded Soler y Llach, with the purpose of being leaders in the field of philately auctions at national and international level. The great experience of the two groups made Soler y Llach quickly occupys a prominent place in the international scene.
+ Is there a minimum value required for an item to be accepted for auction?
Not exactly, we recommend a minimum value of €50 to €100. The experts will appraise the object and inform you about its possible sale at auction.
+ What reasons can delay the collection of my sold lots?
1 - The lot is in some particular situation, for example, waiting for an export permit.
2 - The buyer has not paid any of your lots.
3 - The buyer has requested a certificate of authenticity
+ Who is responsible if damage has occurred during shipment?
If the shipment is arranged by us, all packages are insured.
+ I have won a lot but I cannot pay through the website, what can I do?
To help you with any payment issue, please contact us by telephone +34 932 018 733, through the Contact page on our website filling the form or by email at [email protected].
+ Where do I send my items?
To Soler y Llach Auctions, our offices are located in c/Beethoven nº 13. 08021 Barcelona (España).
+ how long do I have to pickup my lots without penalty?
At the end of the auction, we will notify you of your lots can be collected. After 15 days of said notification, Soler y Llach Auctions will charge €5 plus VAT, weekly. After 6 months, we will put the lots up for sale again. If your items are finally sold, Soler y Llach Auctions will pay you the corresponding balance, deducting the agreed commission plus the charge per day elapsed.
+ Can I change the delivery address?
Yes, you can change it in your Profile Data menu of your account.
+ I forgot my password and I can't log in. What can I do?
Go to Log in and request a new password by clicking “Forgot password?”. You will receive an email with instructions to create a new one.
+ What does My Bids show?
It displays the history of bids made for a lot.
+ How can I cancel my account?
Please send a message to our Costumer Service Department through our Contact page, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE IMMEDIATELY CANCELLED
+ What makes us distinctive?
* Mixed business model: online and face-to-face auctions, and direct sales.
* The good description of the lots by our experts and presented in well-published catalogues with international distribution.
* Auctions of reference for the spanish collectors and from all over the world.
* The best personalized attention from our team.
* Consultation and advice provided by our experts.
+ What should I consider if I decide to send pictures for an appraisal?
Good definition and resolution. In case of coins, obverse and reverse. Due to the size of the images, do not to include too many pictures in the same email.
+ What kind of lots are auctioned at Soler y Llach Auctions?
We are experts in philately, numismatics, old books and collecting. We auction stamps from around the world and postal history; coins and banknotes; rare books, maps, manuscripts, photography, postcards, etc.

+ What is an export permit?
It is a Public Administration document provided by the Spanish Ministry of Culture that authorizes the right to export an article to a specific country. It is required a copy of the passport and your full address to process this document.
+ Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, you can pay using your credit card through the website.
+ Are shipments insured?
If the shipment is arranged by us, all packages are insured.
+ Why my account is blocked and I can't bidding?
There are different reasons. If you are a new user, we may still be missing referrals to accept your bids. If you are a regular user, you may have a pending payment. In order to help you and solve it, go to Contact page and send a message to our Customer Service department.

+ Can someone else pickup a lot for me?
In order for someone else can pickup your lot on your behalf, you must send this information by email to [email protected], indicating who will collect the lot and attaching the ID of both.

+ Means of payment
1 - bank transfer
2 - Cheque
+ Can I pay cash if I come to pickup my lots?
Yes, you can pay cash up to €1,000, which is the maximum allowed by current legislation.
+ Do I need a tax registration number to sell at Soler y Llach Auctions?
If you are an individual you do not need CIF. With your ID, NIE or passport is enough.
If you want an invoice to company's name, you must provide the following information:
* NIF, VAT number or Business number registration.
* Deed of powers or documentation that proves that you can act on behalf of it.
+ Do I have to pay auction commission if my lot has not sold?
No, you only pay commission if your lot has been sold.
+ I can't Log in. What can I do?
The problem may be that...
* You have not registered yet and do not have an active user. You can only log in if you have one.
* Our system does not recognize the password. Please note that the password is case sensitive.
* You have caps lock on.
* If it is none of these, go to Contact section of our website and send a message to the Customer Service department.

+ How to contact us
Calling us at +34 932 018 733, filling out the form through the Contact page on our website, making your query by email to [email protected], or visiting us at our offices at Calle Beethoven, 13 08021 Barcelona (Spain)

+ You may add lots to favorites
It is a list of lots that the user has decided to save for consultation. Alerts are also created on those lots.

+ How do I know if my bid has been accepted?
There are 2 ways:
1- After bidding, you will see History of Bids below.
2- Go to My account, all your registered bids appear in My bids menu.
+ Is VAT included in the amount of the invoice for lots purchased at auction?
The hammer price will be increased by a 22% comission/buyer's premium, for auction rights (18,8%) and VAT (21%), plus shipping and/or insurance.
+ Error message when registering: "Your email address already exists"
* You may have already created an account at some time in the past. The system only allows one account per email address.
* We recommend that you go to Log in, enter your email address and click on "Forgot password?"
* The system will send you an email with instructions to create a new password.

+ Is a lot insured against possible loss, theft or deterioration?
As long as the lot is in our offices, it is insured for the minimum price or starting price. Once sold in an auction, the price covered by the insurance is the awarding price.
+ I have won a lot and have paid for it, but I have not received it yet. What can I do?
Contact our Logistics Department by email [email protected] or telephone +34 932 018 733, we will help you locate your lots.
+ Can the holder of the invoice be a community of goods or heirs?
Yes. Refer how to make this change of holder from an individual person to a community of goods or heirs. Please contact us by email [email protected] or telephone +34 932 018 733.
+ What is VEGAP?
VEGAP is the organization that manages the copyrights of painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, designers,... all visual creators. It manages copyrights that apply up to 70 years after the artist's death and is collected by the artist's family. It is only charged for lots that are sold at a price equal to or greater than €1,200. The amount to be paid is the lot's owner responsibility.
+ Someone hacked my account. What should I do?
If you suspect that someone has accessed to your account, you should notify Soler y Llach Auctions immediately. Contact us sending a message to the Customer Service department.
You must also take effective measures to protect your account, such as changing your password. If fraud has been committed, you must report it to the police. Please send us a copy of the police report within a maximum period of 7 working days.
However, we remind you that it is very important that you never provide your account details to anyone. You are responsible for managing your account.
+ How do I know if another user has outbid me?
1. When you place your bid, a message will show up advising you that there is a higher bid.
2. The system will send you an email when you have been outbid.
+ Which lots require an export permit?
The lots that need an export permit to leave Spanish territory are those that correspond to cultural property that are more than one hundred years old.

+ Can I pay by cheque and pickup the lot at the same time? To what name should I extend the cheque?
Yes, the bank must approve said check. You should extend the cheque to the name of Soler y Llach Auctions, S.L.
+ As a seller, do I have to pay the spanish tax on property transfers?
This tax is paid by the buyer, in no case by the seller.

+ Are management expenses charged to the seller?
Yes. We will inform you at the time of requesting a valuation.
+ I won a lot, but I did not receive the invoice
Soler y Llach Auctions sends a provisional invoice by email after the lot is awarded. If the buyer has not provided the email address, the provisional invoice is sent by ordinary post.
+ Can I decrease or cancel my bid?
You can increase or decrease your bid, but you cannot cancel it. In case of error, contact us through email or telephone.
+ Who is responsible of the export permit application?
Soler y Llach Auctions can make a quote to process the application for the export permit.
+ Why my maximum bid has not won?
There may be two reasons, your bid has been outbided by another, or other same bid has been registered prior to yours.
+ I have won a lot. What is the next step?
In short, you will receive an email with the provisional invoice for the purchase of the lot and instructions for payment, pick up or shipping.

+ Can I change the holder of the invoice?
Yes, you must send a request by email to [email protected] indicating who is the new holder of the invoice and attaching the identification or ID of both. If you want to do it in person, the two holders must come or bring a written authorization with the identifications or ID.

+ What inherent expenses are there if a lot included at auction is withdrawn?
The consigner commited not to withdraw the lots in auction by contract. Otherwise, Soler y Llach Auctions has the right to receive the 20% of the Minimum Sale Price plus additional expenses from the consigner for all damages. As long as these amounts are not paid, we will have the right to retain the lot and to initiate the corresponding legal actions.

+ Does my bid include VAT?
The amount of the bid does not include VAT, or commission, or other possible associated expenses. The final price on the invoice is the award price plus commission and shipping costs.
+ Can I change the holder of the invoice from an individual person to a legal person or company?
Yes, you must send a request by email to [email protected] indicating who is the new holder of the invoice (company name or legal representative) and attaching the identification/ID of both and powers of attorney. If you want to do it in person, the two holders must come or bring a written authorization with the identifications/ID and powers of attorney.

+ Do I need to be registered to come to bid in the auction room?
Although it speeds up the procedures and it is recommended, it is not necessary, since you can do it right away in our offices. Presenting your ID, we would make your registration and give you everything you need so that you can bid in the auction room.
+ How do I know when the next auction is?
On our website, you may see the next auctions already posted or check the section Auction Calendar and News.
You can also contact us and make your query.
+ When does the auction for a lot finish?
When the auctioneer considers the time to bid for that lot has expired, whether or not there are bids on it.
+ Is there a history of bids?
Yes, for lots that are being auctioned. Located at the bottom of the bidding scale, in the sheet for each lot. You can also check the starting price of a lot and its hammer price in the section Prices Realised on our website.

+ How and who decides the Starting Price?
The starting price is given by the valuation made by our experts, based on prices reached by similar lots in previous auctions.
+ How can I bid?
Bidding options:
1 - In person. In our public auctions you can bid directly in the saleroom in our offices.
2 - Online. You will need to register only once and you will be able to participate in our auctions and place your bids.
3 - Email.You can send an email with the auction, lot numbers and your bids to [email protected].
4 - Telephone. Call 34 932 018 733, provide the lots and two telephone numbers to reach you. We will contact you at the time the lots will be auctioned.
5 - Bid form. You can fill a bid form with your bids and your personal data and bring it to our offices or send it by fax or regular mail.
+ Why I cannot bid?
Please check that you are Registered and you have Logged in. If the issue is not resolve, go to Contact and you may send a message to our Customer Service.
+ Why my bid has not accepted?
Remember you must click on PLACE BID button after write a quantity so the system register your bid
On the other hand, your account may be locked for some reason. In that case, please go to Contact and send a message to the Customer Service department.
+ Can I see all the bids for a lot?
Yes, you will see all the bids when the auction starts, in the History of bids at the bottom of the bidding scale.
+ Can I bid through the web once the auction has started?
Yes, if you are Registered and have Logged in on the website.
+ Can I come and bid in the saleroom the day of the auction?
If the auction is not exclusively online, you can come whenever you want.
+ Can I see the auction live?
Yes, in the saleroom if it is a public auction, and online through our website always.
+ Why my maximum bid has not win?
You may have been outbid, or your bid may have arrived later than another of equal value.

+ How can I know if I win the lot?
1 - You will receive an email
2 - You can check the History of bids, at the bottom of the bidding scale.
3 - On My Account, click on My awards or My Bids.
+ What happens in case of a tie or equal bids?
The bid that has been entered first prevails. So the bid that was registered first in the system is the winner.

+ Does the bid amount include commission?
It does not include the commission, nor other possible associated expenses
+ What is the commission?
To the hammer price a 22% commission will be charged for Auction rights (18,18%) and VAT (21%) plus shipping and/or insurance fees.

+ I would like to receive the catalogue of an auction
To receive the catalogue, you can contact us by email to [email protected] or telephone +34 932 018 733.
+ Which is the bidding scale?
Up to 50 €...............................................................2 €
From 50 € to 100 €................................................5 €
From 100 € to 200 €...........................................10 €
From 200 € to 500 €...........................................20 €
From 500 € to 1.000 €........................................50 €
From 1.000 € to 3.000 €..................................100 €
From 3.000 € to 5.000€...................................200 €
From 5.000.............At the Auctioneer's discretion
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