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 In the public auctions the conditions on each catalogue will be the one to prevail.

  1. The starting price is the mínimum pruce a lot can be sold. This price should be considered as a reserve price and under no circumstances will be sold under it.
  2. To the hammer price a 22% commission will be charged for Auction rights (18,18%) and VAT (21%) plus shipping and/or insurance fees.
  3. If you are unable to attend the Auction personally, please send us your commission bids as soon as possible. Lots are not necessarily sold for the amount of your bid, but at the lowest available price. For instance, it you bid € 3.000 for a lot with a starting price of € 1.000 and the highest bid below yours is € 1.500 the lot will be awarded to you for € 1.600. If there are two identical bids, the one received first and the bids received through our website and other platforms are given priority. Some lots may have a reserve price imposed by the vendor.
  4. Bids must be made in EUROS. Bids in any other currency will be converted to EUROS. Payments have to be made in EUROS. The amount received in another currency, will be subject to the daily Bank exchange rate.  

    From 50 €

    2 €

    From 50 to 100 €

    5 €

    From 100 to 200 €

    10 €

    From 200 to 500 €

    20 €

    From 500 to 1.000 €

    50 €

    From 1.000 to 3.000 €

    100 €

    From 3.000 to 5.000 €

    200 €

    From 5.000 €

    At the auctioneer’s discretion

  5. Payments for lots awarded are due upon receipt of invoice. Upon receipt of payment, we will despatch the material by mail unless otherwise requested.
  6. SOLER Y LLACH AUCTIONS reserves the right to group together two or more lots in this Auction and to withdraw a lot or lots from this Auction at its discretion.
  7. SOLER Y LLACH AUCTIONS reserves the right to admit or refuse a customer entrance to the auction room as well as the right to refuse a written bid. The Auctioneer will regulate the bidding. In the event of any dispute, his decision is final.
  8. The lots will be auctioned in their present condition, and no claims will be accepted for restorations or damages. Even though the descriptions have been done very thoroughly, the buyers will have to make sure before the Auction that these descriptions correspond to their personal opinion about the lot. In any case, no claims will be accepted after 30 days of the Auction date. Multiple lots and collections cannot be returned. We recommend a thorough examination to have a complete knowledge of its contents.
  9. PAYMENTS for purchases superior to 500 €. The buyer may choose to pay 30% of the total value upon receipt of the invoice and to pay the remaining balance in six equal instalments over the following 6 months. SOLER Y LLACH AUCTIONS, S.L. will charge interest of 0,50% on the outstanding balance at the end of each month. The lots will remain in the possession of SOLER Y LLACH AUCTIONS, S.L. until full settlement of the account. The lots may be examined by the buyer in our offices within 30 days after the Auction date, after which he loses his right to any claims according to paragraph 8 of our sale conditions.
  10. The awarded lots can be retrieved from our offices in Beethoven 13 - 08021 Barcelona from the date shown in each catalogue until 15 days after the Auction.
  11. The minimum bid accepted for all lots with a "free" starting price is 4 euros.
  12. SOLER Y LLACH AUCTIONS reserves the right of admission to the auction room and to reject, at its discretion, any bid form.
  13. PROPERTY. Lots remain the property of the seller until full payment has been received, including clearance of checks and bills of exchange.
  14. It is the buyer’s responsability to make himself aware of any legal and/or customs regulations currently in force in Spain.
  15. Participation to the Auction implies the acceptance of the present conditions.
  16. The Spanish Government, according to Law 9/1993 of Patrimoni Cultural Català (DOGC núm. 1897 de 11 de octubre de 1993) Art. 22 and Law 16/1985 de 25 de junio de 1985, of Patrimonio Histórico Español (BOE núm. 155 de 29 de junio de 1985) Art. 38, has the right to claim any awarded lot at the hammer price.
  17. Any legal proceedings concerning this Auction will be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.

    1) Bank transfer:

    BANC SABADELL: IBAN ES69 0081 0200 2100 0388 0091 - BIC: BSABESBB
    BANCO SANTANDER: IBAN ES66 0049 1819 1626 1107 7131 - BIC: BSCHESMM

    2) Credit card: VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD y TARJETA 6000.

    3) Cheque (only spanish customers): SOLER Y LLACH AUCTIONS, S.L.U. c/ Beethoven, 13 08021 BARCELONA (ESPAÑA).

    4) Paypal: adding a 4,5% to the total amount of the invoice.

  19. In order to comply the Spanish Heritage Law 16/85, buyers should be awared that the export of some ancient objects require the issuance of an Export License by the Ministry of Culture, regarless of the country of destination. This process normally can take between 3 and 6 weeks.
    The buyer is liable to pay an export tax, which will depend on the value of the item bought and that can be calculated in the following link:

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