Auction Stamps and Covers of the World I Sesión


Tuesday, February 6, 2024
Session one
2:30 PM | Lots 1 - 1227

Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Session two
3:00 PM | Lots 1501 - 1767


February 1-5, 2024
9:30 AM – 1:30 PM / 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Saturdays and Sundays closed

Lots can be collected starting from February 9

Lot 520

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1840. CANNEL ISLANDS. JERSEY a COGNAC. Fechador de entrada OUTRE-MER/ST. MALO (Salles 138). Muy raro en negro.

Lot 521

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1847. Envelope to FRANCE bearing SG 8a, 1d brown (imperf four margins) cancelled by LIVERPOOL NUMERAL, routed via London with French entry cachet in red, COGNAC arrival, tased ´14´ erased and charged ´13´. Very fine item of mail, a scarce franking overseas.

Lot 522

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1848(June 16th). Cover to Lima, PERU bearing cut round pair of 1847 Embossed 1s green tied by Glasgow 159 obliterators with red despatch cds and London transit on reverse. Scarce franking. SG 55.

Lot 523

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1849 (Feb. 16). Prepaid entire letter to RIO NEGRO (Nueva Granada), endorsed ´per Thames´, from LONDON with red PAID datestamp of despatch in red and ´1s.´ in manuscript, struck on landing with fine oval SANTAMARTA / DEBE. and rate mark ´3´ reales in blue. A fresh and fine entire.

Lot 524

GRAN BRETAÑA. (1855 ca.). FRONTAL solamente de sobre publicado por J. Valentine de Dundee para la campaña OCEAN PENNY POSTAGE circulada con sello 1d. rojo.

Lot 525

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1857(May 16). Cover to Amsterdam franked by very fine strip of four 1857 4d rose all tied by London ´14´ numeral obliterators. Reverse with arrival cds in red, a fine multiple. SG 66.

Lot 526

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1863. BATAVIA (Netherland Indies) to LONDON. Entire letter with BATAVIA FRANCO datestamp and red INDIA PAID and the rare INDIA PAID/BY BATAVIA.

Lot 528

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1869-71. 5 covers to PORTUGAL, one regitered.

Lot 529

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1875(Sept 17th). Entire letter endorsed ´Via Panama´ to SALVADOR at 1s 6d rate for less than ½ ounce franked by 1875 6d grey plate 14 and 1s green plate 12 tied by London duplexes with manuscript ´4 reales´ due on front. SG 147,150.

Lot 531

ADEN. Sg. 43+94. 1868. Cover endorsed ´via Marseilles´ to LONDON franked by Great Britain 1858 1d. red and pair of 4d. vermilion pl. 8 tied on arrival in London by Foreign Branch ´50´ obliterators in black. Reverse with London arrival cds´s (April 26) in black and in red. Docketed over address with ´Rec´d April 26, 1869 April 1 3 months cruise expect to arrive at Aden about the end of May´.

Lot 532

AFRICA ORIENTAL BRITANICA. 1895. Registered cover bearing 1895 locally surcharged 1 r. carmine, SG 43, tied by MOMBASA squared circle datestamp with ZANZIBAR arrival cds on reverse of attractive and scarce cover.

Lot 534

AFRICA DEL SUR. Sg. 30, 37. 1881 (July 30). Registered cover to LONDON franked by extraordinary usage of twelve ´3´ on 3d. pale dull rose provisionals and single 4d. blue all tied in black with GRAAFF REINERT cds below. REGISTERED LETTER OFFICE-CAPE TOWN cds in black and London arrival in red on front (Aug 22). Minor trim to envelope but rare.

Lot 536

AFRICA DEL SUR. 1901. Registered cover addressed from JOHANNESBURG to the British Cosulate in MESEHD (Persia) franked by 1900 VRI 2 1/2d. dull blue & green (2) and ERI 1d. carmine & green with ERI Half Penny on 2d. brown & green all tied in black. Reverse with Durban cds. (Nov. 15), Tabriz cds. (23/12) and Meched arrival cds. Re-addressed to LONDON with Teheran and Ispahan cds. (30/1), Russian BAKU cds. (29/1, j) and eventual London arrivals (Feb. 19, 1902). A fine and most unusual cover.

Lot 537

AFRICA DEL SUR. 1894-1950. Lot of 13 covers with diverse frankings, some of them with Postage Due stamps.

Lot 538

ANTIGUA. 1871 (April 27). Illustrated cover (return address) from Antigua via Halifax, Nova Scotia to Bangor, USA with 1867 1d. vermilion tied by ´AO2´ obliterator in black, red manuscript ´1´ in crayon. Struck with straight line ´Due 2 cts.´ in black on arrival. SG 7. BPA certificate (1963).

Lot 540

AUSTRALIA. Sg. 63 (2), 79 (2). 1853 (Dec.). NEW SOUTH WALES. ORANGE to LONDON. 8 d. dull yellow pair, with mainly good to large margins, scissor-cut between at top and small nick at foot, used with 2d. Prussian blue pair on 1853 (6 Dec.) and readdressed to Devonport, both cancelled by unclear BARRED NUMERAL; upon redirection GB 1841 2d. blue (2, both cut into) applied and cancelled, variously rated and showing, on reverse, Orange, Bathurst (6.12), Sydney (8.12), London (20.3) and arrival (21.3) datestamps; the face panel a little soiled. An extraordinary mixed franking. B.P.A. Certificate (1961).

Lot 541

AUSTRALIA. 1878 (May 28). Small envelope to Bendigo (Victoria Mining District) franked by 1867 25c. green and 50c. maroon tied by Lucerne cds´s. On arrival the addressee was not found, cover struck with ´Unclaimed At-Golden Square´ and ´Rifiuto´ in black. Reverse with seven cancels including ´Down Train-Victoria´ (July 16), ´Golden Square´ cds and Dead Letter Branch Melbourne (Feb 4, 1879) in green. Somewhat grubby due to immense journey but rare. Scott 55,59.

Lot 542

AUSTRALIA. 1888. SYDNEY a BRISTON y reexpedida a LONDON circulada con sellos de 2 p. azul (3) de N.S.W. hasta Briston y sello de GB de 1 p. lila para su reexpedición a London. MAGNIFICA Y RARA.

Lot 545

BAHAMAS. 1849 (March 29). Entire letter being a report on Hamilton District made out to Wesleyan Mission House in London, fine BAHAMAS cds on reverse in black and London arrival cds [April 24] in red. Very scarce as well struck as this and a fine entire.

Lot 546

BAHAMAS. 1880. Cover to NEW YORK bearing perf 14 4 d. dull rose (SG 36) cancelled ´A05´ obliterator with BAHAMAS cds on reverse and NEW YORK PAID ALL duplex arrival. Scarce on letter.

Lot 548

BARBADOS. (1780 CA.). Outer letter sheet to LONDON endorsed ´pr. Capr. Dubber´ with fine strike of BARBA-DOES two line despatch handstamp in black and Bishop Mark ´28/IX´ well struck alongside, rated ´IN4´ on arrival in manuscript. A fine and scarce cover.

Lot 549

BARBADOS. Sg. 29. 1863. 6 d. rose-red, fresh colour, slightly attached over edge on cover, oblit. with oval barred canc. cds BARBADOS 9/FE 1863 alongside, to ST. LUCIA with arrival mark 11/FE 1863 on reverse, inside pre-pinted BARBADOS PRICES CURRENT (not complete), entire some marks, otherwise very fine.

Lot 550

BARBADOS. 1890-1945. Lot of 2 covers.

Lot 551

BERMUDAS. 1879 (Oct 16). Registered cover to LONDON franked by 1865-74 6d. dull mauve and horizontal pair of 1sh. green tied by HAMILTON-BERMUDA/1 duplexes and by London oval arrival (Oct 31) in red. Rare straight line REGISTERED in black at left. A very rare first issue franking. SG 7,8.

Lot 552

BERMUDAS. 1880. Registered cover to SOUTHAMPTON with Bermuda 6 d. mauve canc. duplex ´2´ and cds ST. GEORGES DE 22 80 along side in combination with Great Britain 6 d. grey (pl. 17) paying the registration fee canc. oblit. ´723´ in arrival. Single line REGISTERED and oval REGISTERED LONDON 8 JA 1881. Backstamped SOUTHAMPTON JA 8 81. The cover is roughly opened with a small tear on Bermuda stamp. A very spectacular and only recorded Great Britain-Bermuda mixed franking. Ex. E. Proud collection. Cert. B.P.A.

Lot 553

BERMUDAS. 1898 (1 June). OHMS envelope (a little trauncated at left) registered to MEXICO, bearing 1/2 d. dull green and 3 d. grey in combination with 1874 6 d. dull mauve, all clearly tied by HAMILTON/BERMUDA double ring, d.s., showing New York Exchange and Mexico registration labels with, on reverse, PUEBLA arrival datestamp. A most unusual destination.

Lot 554

OCEANO INDICO. 1848 (July 8). BRITISH INDIAN OCEAN TERRITORY. BODDAM (Salomon islands, Chagos Archipelago). Large entire letter (5 pages) writting in french (with interesting historical contents). The letter was addressed to the care Mr. Jean Rabin in Mauritius who then forwarded the letter in another cover from Mauritius. The letter would had been hand carried to Mauritius by schoocer and then posted to Bordeaux in the accompaying lovely cover, with excellent strike of fancy crowned MAURITIUS/4.1849/G.P.O. black handstamp, clear strik of red COLONIES/ART. 13 handstamp, transit of London and BORDEAUX arrival cds. An extraordinary cover, the earliest known letter from B.I.O.T ilustrated in Proud´s book and a complete chapter is devote to this fantastic letter.

Lot 557

BIRMANIA. Lot of 7 covers with diverse frankings.

Lot 564

CANADA. 1894 (Dec 11). Cover from TORONTO to MADRAS, India franked by Small Queens 1 c. yellow pair and single 3 c. rose red tied by TORONTO despatch cds´s, endorsed ´Via Brindisi´ with ´Sea Post Office-A´ cds and COCONADA arrival cds (Jan 23) on reverse. Scarce destination. Scott 35,37.

Lot 566

CEILAN. Sg. 55(3),63. 1869. COLOMBO a GRAN BRETAÑA. 1 p. azul y 6 p. marrón (2), fechador COLOMBO/PAID y TOO LATE.

Lot 567

CEILAN. Yv. 54+57. 1876 (Feb. 16). Cover to a Ship´s Captain care of the French Consul in POINTE DE GALLES (Galle, Ceylon), franked by Ceres 1871/74 10c. brown on rose pair and single 80c. carmine tied by Nantes 2602 gros chiffres. Circular cachet AGENCE CONSULAIRE DE FRANCE / POINTE DE GALLES in blue and sent on to CALCUTTA. Reverse with Galle cds (March 16) and Calcutta arrival (March 25).

Lot 574

FIJI. 1899-1930. 3 covers with diverse frankings.

Lot 579

GIBRALTAR. 1834. GIBRALTAR to MALTA. Entire letter with black GIBRALTAR/PAID struck in error and so with ´PAID´ crossed through. Charged ´6´ on arrival. VERY RARE, this is the sole recorded erroneous used of the PAID mark in this period.

Lot 583

GIBRALTAR. 1851 (June 9). Outer letter sheet to Alnwick, Northumberland with fine strike of three line dated ´GIBRALTAR/9 JU 9 1851/ SHIP LETTER´ struck in blue (Day, Month, Day, Year, Type III). Red manuscript ´8´ denoting single rate of 8d. prepaid, reverse with framed ´Liverpool/Ship´ (June 17) and arrival cds. Displays well.

Lot 584

GIBRALTAR. Ed. 48 (4). 1857. GIBRALTAR a CÁDIZ por vía marítima. 4 cuartos rojo tira de cuatro. Mat. a la llegada a Cádiz, fechador GIBRALTAR de doble círculo y ´8´ peniques pagados en metálico en origen para el pago del porte Británico de SHIP LETTER ´Algerie´. MUY RARA combinación de franqueo.

Lot 585

GIBRALTAR. 1859. GIBRALTAR to CADIZ. Endorsed ´Por Vapor Pensamiento´, manuscript ´2´ pence ship letter rate paying in cash and spanish 4 cuartos red paying the local internal rate. Blue GIBRALTAR cds, fine mixed franking cover.

Lot 586

GIBRALTAR. 1861 (March 6). Mixed franking. Entire letter from Gibraltar to Jerez la Frontera endorsed ´por Adriano´ with manuscript ´2´ (pence) Ship Letter charge in red prepaid on departure and franked by Spain 4c. orange on green tied by circular ´3´ numeral of Cadiz. A fine and scarce entire.

Lot 587

GIBRALTAR. 1856-64. SPANISH OVERLAND MAIN. 5 covers franked by 4 cuartos stamps diverse S. ROQUE cds.

Lot 590

GIBRALTAR. Ed. 96 (3). 1868. GIBRALTAR a CÁDIZ. Circulada con sellos Británicos de 2d. azul. Mat. A26 y fechador GIBRALTAR más tres sellos de 50 mils. castaño matasellados a la llegada con la PARRILLA con la cifra 3 de Cádiz. La vía marítima de Gibraltar a España debía pagar el franqueo Británico (2d. para los Ship Letters y 4d. para los Packet Letters) y el franqueo español de 50 mils. (en este caso triple porte) que era matasellado a la llegada a Cádiz. El porte Británico normalmente era pagado en metálico y las cartas llevaban la indicación del porte manuscrito en el frente. Pieza excepcional y de máxima RAREZA con franqueo mixto ESPAÑOL+BRITÁNICO. ÚNICA CONOCIDA con este sello de 50 mils. Ex Stirrups y Cert. COMEX.

Lot 591

GIBRALTAR. Ed. 98 (2). 1869. Entire letter from GIBRALTAR to CADIZ endorsed ´p. Steamer´ franked by Great Britain 1d. red (2) tied by ´A26´ obliterator in black for Ship Letter fee, with Gibraltar despatch cds (Aug 14) above and Spain 1868 50m. brown lilac vertical pair double rate tied by ´3´ numeral of Cadiz on arrival used in lieu of the normal cash payment for this service. An EXTRAORDINARILY RARE combination usage and only known cover with the 1d. red stamp. Ex collection Prof. Stirrups. Cert. COMEX.

Lot 593

GIBRALTAR. 1879 (Dec 5). Cover to ´HMS Alaska´ in Panama, franked by Great Britain 1875 2½d. rosy mauve pl. 16 tied by Gibraltar /A26 duplex. Framed red ´Returned / Deficient Postage´ and franked (over-paid?) by Great Britain 1s. green pl. 13 tied by heavy obliterator cancel in black applied in London. Red London transit (Dec 12) and British P.O. ´Panama´ arrival cds (Jan 23, 1880) in black. A rare and most unusual cover. SG Z26,Z64.

Lot 598

COSTA DE ORO. 1855 (July 10). Entire letter written from ´Keta´ (Kwitta) addressed to Bremen ´care of Charles Young Esq., 8 High Street, Islington, London´ with long letter in German carried privately to London. Forwarded Sept 19 in London and endorsed by the Agent ´Via Ostend´, charged 10½d. in sterling to pay and 48gr. in red on receipt. Only 3 entire letters have been recorded by Sacher, this letter listed on page 87. Extremely rare and fine entire of great rarity to both Gold Coast and Bremen philately.

Lot 599

COSTA DE ORO. 1871 (Nov 5). Envelope, embossed seal ´Spero´ on reverse addressed from D. Patrick Chalmers to Edinburgh with superb ´CAPE COAST CASTLE´ code A (Macrae 7), datestamp in black of despatch. Rated ´5´ pence in red manuscript due to G.P.O. for ½ ounce rate. ´Paid / Liverpool / Br. Packet´ cds in red of transit (Nov 29) and reverse with Edinburgh arrival cds. Very scarce: the datestamp in black was used on prepaid letters until Nov. 1871 only; thereafter on unpaid letters. Biro marks at left, nevertheless rare and attractive cover, unlisted by Sacher.

Lot 600

COSTA DE ORO. 1872 (Nov 10). Envelope, crested ´Spero´ on reverse, addressed from Cape Coast Castle to Edinburgh by D. Patrick Chalmers, with superb ´PAID AT CAPE COAST CASTLE´ double ring cds in red (Macrae 8). Rated ´5´ pence in red manuscript due to G.P.O. for ½ ounce rate and ´1´ penny inland. ´Paid / Liverpool / Br. Packet´ cds in red of transit (Dec 2) and reverse with Edinburgh arrival cds. Very scarce: the datestamp was issued to the Colony in October 1871. Biro marks at left, nevertheless rare and attractive cover.

Lot 602

COSTA DE ORO. Sc. 39. 1887 (Nov. 10). Cover to REILSTEIN (Germany) from the ´Basel Mission Factory´ in ADDAH (Gold Coast), with cachet on reverse and manuscript ´Addah Nov 10, 1887´ at upper left, struck with framed AUS / WESTAFRIKA in black and franked by 1880 Germany 10pf. rose red strip of four all tied by transit datestamps of Hamburg (Dec 8). A rare and appealing cover.

Lot 603

COSTA DE ORO. 1890 (April 27). Woerman Line cover endorsed from Accra to Hamburg with Germany 1885 20pf. ultramarine tied by bold ´Aus West-Africa / mit / Hamburger Dampfer´ in black. Ottensen arrival cds on reverse of fine cover.

Lot 604

COSTA DE ORO. 1894 (1 Feb.). ACCRA to HAMBURG (Germany) blue linen-backed envelope from ACCRA to HAMBURG, Germany, marked ´Accra 1/2 94´ and ´33Gr.´ in red ink and bearing 1880-87, 5 pf. purple vertical pair and 1899-1900 10 pf. rose-carmine (5) cancelled with several framed AUS/WESTAFRIKA h.s. (G4) with a further superb strike alongside, arrival c.d.s. (27.2) on reverse; a scarce and attractive franking. Ex. J. L. Castillejo y J. Sacher.

Lot 605

COSTA DE ORO. 1897 (Dec 6). ASHANTI EXPEDITION 1897-1900 CAMPAIGN. Cover addressed to Captain de Salis at Lagos, franked at Officer´s rate by 1884 ½d. dull green (5) all tied by ´KUMASI / GOLD COAST´ cds´s. Reverse with Cape Coast transit Dec 13 cds and ´Lagos / W. Africa´ cds (Dec 23). Readdressed to Portsmouth with eventual arrival cds Jan 29, 1898. A fine and scarce cover.

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