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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Session one
10:00 AM | Lots 1 - 799
Session two
3:00 PM | Lots 800 - 1459


July 14-18, 2022
9:30 AM - 1:00 PM / 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Saturdays and Sundays closed

Lots can be collected starting from July 21

Lot 1393


Start price: 30 €
SOLD BY: 32 €

Lot 1394

** SUIZA. Zu. 1/2. AÉREOS. SERIE COMPLETA. Yv. Av. 1/2. Cat. 510€.

Lot 1395

** SUIZA. Zu. 3/13. AÉREOS. SERIE COMPLETA. Papel ordinario. Yv. Av. 3/12 y 15b. Cat. Yv. 585Ђ. Zumstein 690SF.

Start price: 100 €
SOLD BY: 100 €

Lot 1396

LOTES y COLECCIONES. SUIZA. Colección en álbum Faro desde primeras emisiones hasta 1969, incluyendo Pro-Juventute, Pro-patria, aéreos y Hojitas. Hasta 1900 mayoría sellos usados y a partir de 1900 sellos en nuevo, gran mayoría sin fijasellos. En general muy buena calidad, incluyendo sellos de valor con certificado. Valor Yvert aprox. +18.000 Ђ. Muy buen lote.

Lot 1397

SUIZA. 1852. BRUGG a OESCHGEN. 5 rp. RAYON I azul y rojo, 10 rp. RAYON II negro y rojo s. amarillo, 15 rp. rojo RAYON III. Carta certificada. Marcas lineales BRUGG y CHARGEE. Excepcional franqueo tricolor. (Cat. Zu. 16II, 17II, 20).

Start price: 3.000 €
SOLD BY: 5.000 €

Lot 1398

SUIZA. 1855 (Aug 30). Cover at double rate from Geneva to Bologna, Papal States; franked by 1854-55 10r. blue (Berne I printing) and 1855 1fr. grey (Berne II printing) cancelled by barred in black. Taxed on arrival for local delivery with manuscript ´8´ (bajocchi) altered from original ´9´ charged, Torino and Bologna cds´s (Sept 3rd) on reverse. A few minor imperfections but a very attractive and rare cover. Certificate SBPV, Renggli. SBK 23B,27C.

Lot 1399

SUIZA. 1856 (April 14th). Entire letter from Vevey to Boston, USA with three colour franking of 1854-55 (Berne I) top marginal 15r. rose and 20r. orange with Berne II 1fr. grey tied in black. Pontarlier entry mark in red and ´New York/Br. Pkt/5´ cds of transit (April 29th) with 5c. due on delivery in Boston. Small imperfections but a scarce franking. Certificate Berra-Gautschy AIEP. SBK 24B, 25B, 27C.

Lot 1400

SUIZA. 1859 (July 16). Cover at triple rate from Chiasso to Genoa, Sardinia franked by rare combination of 1857 20r. orange yellow and 1855 1fr. violet grey tied by framed "CHIASSO" datestamp in black, with repeated clear strike at right. Framed 'R.L.' in black and oval 'PD' in black. Reverse with Turin-Genoa TPO cds and arrival (July 18th) and faint manuscript '9' centesemi in red. A fine and attractive cover. Certificate SBPV, Renggli. SBK 25G, 27C.

Start price: 600 €
SOLD BY: 600 €

Lot 1401

SUIZA. 1860 (Feb. 12). Registered cover from LAUSANNE to SHIRLEY (Southampton, UK) with unique franking of 1855-60 20 r. orange yellow, 40 r. green and very rare strip of three, 1 Fr. violet grey all tied by LAUSANNE cds's in black. Red SUISSE/PONTARLIER entry marking and scarce usage of FRANCE/Crown/REGISTERED handstamp alongside PAID/LONDON cds. On front (Febr 14th) both in red. Flap missing on reverse but a most exceptional cover for the specialist in these issues. Cert. KIMMEL. (Cat. SBK 25G, 26G, 27C).

Lot 1402

SUIZA. 1862. ANDERMATT a ARONA (Italia). 10 rp. azul (2) y 10 rp. azul de la emisión dentada. Franqueo mixto dentado y sin dentar del mismo valor. Leve pliegue horizontal sobre los sellos sin importancia. Franqueo excepcional y único conocido. Cert. U. HERMANN. (Cat. Zu. 23G y 31).

Lot 1403

SUIZA. 1866 (Sept 28). Entire letter to Amsterdam with three colour franking of 1862-64 5c. brown, 10c. blue and 40c. green all tied by Zofingen cds's. Reverse with 'Schweiz über Baden' transit, readdressed on arrival in Amsterdam to Rotterdam (Sept 30). Berra-Guachey certificate. Zumstein 30,31,34. Scott 43,44,47.

Lot 1404

SUIZA. 1869. LAUSANNE a BACAU (Moldavia, Rumania). Carta certificada con franqueo de 5 rp. bistre, 10 rp. carmín y 50 rp. violet. Excepcional franqueo y rarísima destinación a Rumania. (Zu. 30c, 38c, 43b). Cert. H.P. RENGGLI.

Start price: 600 €
SOLD BY: 600 €

Lot 1405

SUIZA. 1871. MULHOUSE a NIMES. Carta circulada vía Suiza para evitar el bloqueo de las tropas Prusianas durante la Guerra con Francia. Franqueado con sello suizo de 30 rp. azul.

Lot 1406

SUIZA. 1874 (April 1). Registered cover at extraordinary nine times rate (overpaid 20c.), from Rossinieres, via Basel to Marlborough, UK bearing 1867-78 10c. rose red and rare multiple usage of 1862 1fr. gold (3, one with contemporary fault) all tied by Rossinieres cds's and by framed 'Chargé' handstamp in black. Red oval 'Registered/London' datestamp and arrival cds (April 4th) on reverse of a rare cover. Certificate BPB, Rellstab. SBK 36,38.

Start price: 500 €
SOLD BY: 500 €

Lot 1407

SUIZA. 1882. STRASBOURG (Germany) to WOHLEN. Cover franked with 10 pf. rose German stamp, taxed on arrival with 5 rp. and 20 rp. blue (Zu. 411K, 11N). Rare franking.

Lot 1408

SUIZA. 1886. BERNA to CRETE (Nebraska U.S.A.). Postal Stationery card of 10rp. red redirected to OSAKA (Japan) with U.S. 2 cents brown stamp and redirected to BERNA (Switzerland) with Japan 3 sen yellow stamp. Some light folds but an spectacular and RARE mixed franking.

Lot 1409

SUIZA. Yv. 83(2). 1890. GENEVE a FRANCIA. 5 cents. castaño rojo y 40 cts. gris. Dent. 9 1/2 (2). Valor Declarado, marca CHARGE y lacres al dorso. Rotura a la derecha del sobre producida al abrirlo, sellos en perfecto estado. Rarísimo el 40 cents. dent. 9 1/2 en carta.

Lot 1410

SUIZA. 1891. USA to GENEVA. 2 cts. green postal stationary envelope uprated with 1 cto. blue and 2 cts. red stamps, taxed on arrival with Swiss 50 cts. yellow green stamp (Zu. 20C). Rare on cover.

Lot 1411

SUIZA. Zu. IX. 1903. CROIX, ROUGE, GINEBRA correo interior. Sobre con la marca OFFICIEL con sello de Franquicia ovalado COMITE INTERNATIONALE/GENEVE mat. GENEVE/EAUX-VIVES al dorso llegada. Extremadamente raro usado en época tan tardía y más con el sello matasellado. Cert. F. MOSER (1963).

Lot 1412

SUIZA. 1925-26. Tres PRIMEROS VUELOS Ginebra-Milán, Lausana-Milan y Chaux de Fonds-Bale.

Lot 1413

SUIZA. 1930. ZURICH a ALICANTE. Vuelo especial a Africa del Piloto Mittelholzer.

Lot 1414

SUIZA. 1930. ROMANSHORN a RÍO DE JANEIRO y vuelta a SUIZA. Tarjeta Postal con franqueo de 1 Fr. y 2 Fr. (2) circulada por DORNIER-DOX, marcas del vuelo en magenta y negro.

Lot 1415

TAILANDIA. 1885 (January). INCOMING MAIL. Letter franked with strip of three 10Kr. Arms issue (1883), prepaying the 30Kr. letter rate to SIAM, prior to its entry into the UPU. Stamps tied by TRIEST cds., and reverse bears Napoli transit and red SINGAPORE/PAID datestamp. A very fine and scarce pre-UPU franking to a most uncommon destination.

Start price: 250 €
SOLD BY: 320 €

Lot 1416

TAILANDIA. 1900. INCOMING MAIL. Three covers from BELGIUM to BANG-KOK, diverse frankings.

Lot 1417

TAILANDIA. 1902. Cover from SAN FRANCISCO addressed to a Captain serving with the Siamese Forces, addressed to CHIENGMAI in Northern Thailand 'via Moulmein', bearing Grant 5c. blue tied by SAN FRANCISCO despatch (July 21). Struck with framed MALDIRIGE (Missent) and CHIENGMAI arrival cds on front. Reverse with array of transits: Singapore (Sept 1), Bangkok (Sept 6) all struck in search of Captain Hans Marqvard Jensen, who had died in the Battle of Phayao (Oct 14, 1902). Cover endorsed 'Dead' in pencil and mailed back to sender, arriving in San Francisco (March 22, 1903). An extraordinary cover addressed to the 'Shan Rebellion' (July 1902-September 1903), where the Thais brutally suppressed the Shan Tribes. UNIQUE and splendid cover that would benefit by being opened for display.

Start price: 1.200 €
SOLD BY: 2.100 €

Lot 1418

TAILANDIA. 1903 (Dec 12). 4a. carmine on buff postal stationery card used to TOKYO (Japan) up-rated with 1899-1904 2a. yellow green tied by native BANGKOK cds (and by Tokio arrival). Bangkok cds at left and transit of Victoria-Hong Kong alongside (Dec 28). An unusual and attractive usage. Scott 76.

Lot 1419

TAILANDIA. 1925. BANGKOK to LONDON and redirected to SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE (Canary Islands), franked with Siam 25 b. stamps and GB 2 1/2 d. stamp. Arrival on reverse. Very unusual mixed franking.

Start price: 75 €
SOLD BY: 130 €

Lot 1420

TIBET. 1953. KATHMANDU to LHASA. Tibet imperf. 2t. red in combination with Nepal 8p. vermilion, both stamps affixed in Nepal and cancelled by Kathmandu cds with GYANTSE transit cds. Very fine and RARE Nepal-Tibet combination usage. Ilustrated in Singer's NEPAL page 254. Cert. G. FLACK.

Lot 1421

TURQUIA. 1876 (Nov.). BESIKA BAY (Turkey) to MANCHESTER (Great Britain). Sailor's Concessionary rate cover endorsed "From L.C. Ennis H.M.S. "Triumf" Besika Bay" and countersigned by Commanding Officer. Franked by Great Britain 1d. red (pl. 168) tied in transit by duplex MALTA / A 25. RARE and unusual cover. NOTE: The British Fleet arrived in Besika Bay, Constantinople following riots in late May 1876 and the replacement of the Grand Vizier, the Turks then put down rebellions in Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro. H.M.S. "Triumf" was the Flagship of the British Fleet in the Dardanelles.

Start price: 575 €
SOLD BY: 575 €

Lot 1422

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1780 (8 Nov.). SPAIN - GREAT BRITAIN WAR. PENSACOLA (Florida) 1779-1781. Entire letter with an important text of historical contents written by a french military in the service of the Spanish Army, telling about the vicissitudes of the Military Campaign in Florida. Letter sent from HABANA to FRANCE, circulated by french ship, arrival mark COL. PAR L'ORIENT and taxed "18". EXTREMELY RARE letter from Cuba on the XVIII century and probably being the earliest known addressed to another country other than Spain. NOTE: In 1778 the US Expedition against Pensacola commanded by colonel Willing was rejected by the British Army. In 1779 Spain went to war against England and in the Pensacola Battle (March-May 1781) defeated the British Army recovering the total control in Florida.

Start price: 750 €
SOLD BY: 1.200 €

Lot 1423

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1840. NEW YORK to FRANCE. Entire letter, forwarding agent on reverse. FINE and RARE.

Start price: 50 €
SOLD BY: 50 €

Lot 1424

ESTADOS UNIDOS. Sc. 1 (2). 1847. ST. LOUIS to NEW YORK. Folded letter franked by a pair of 5 cents brown tied by St. Louis cds. Slight file fold.

Start price: 400 €
SOLD BY: 420 €

Lot 1425

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1851. COLN (Prussia, Germany) to SAN FRANCISCO. Entire letter sent via Royal Mail Steam Packet West Indies, via Southampton, St. Thomas and Chagres (Panama). Delivered to the gold mines by Reynolds & Co. with 1$ express delivery fee (manuscript in front Collect 1,00). On reverse oval mark REYNOLDS AND CO. EXPRESS / SAN FRANCISCO / STOCKTON AND SONORA and NOT / PAID in blue. Some cover faults, but the markings are clear. EXTREMELY RARE cover from Germany to San Francisco, then by Reynolds and Co. to the gold mines. NOTE: Reynolds was a pioneering expressman in the southern mines. Beginning in January 1850 he connected with Todd and Bryan in Stockton and through them to San Francisco and with Adams and Co. to other parts of the U.S. and to Europe.Reynolds and Co. was dissolved in the fall of 1851, not long after this cover was delivered.

Start price: 1.000 €
SOLD BY: 1.100 €

Lot 1426

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1854-57. BOSTON to LONDON redirected to CÁDIZ (Spain). Four covers diverse postage due markings.

Lot 1427

° ESTADOS UNIDOS. Sc. 12. 1856. 5 cents. brown. Large margins. Very fine. Cert. BEHR.

Start price: 350 €
SOLD BY: 420 €

Lot 1428

* ESTADOS UNIDOS. Sc. 230/45. 1893. Complete set, very fine presence, some stamps regummed.

Start price: 1.500 €
SOLD BY: 1.500 €

Lot 1429

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1863. 24c. red lilac (70). Used with 12c. black (69) and two each of 1c. blue (63) and 3c. rose (65), one 1c. perfs trimmed at right, tied by Boston large PAID grid cancels on cover to GENEVA (Switzerland), with original enclosure, red crayon "36" credit, April 6, 1863 French transit ties two stamps, receiving backstamp, red crayon "220" Swiss due marking, left 3c. small faults, cover with small corner stain at top left, still VERY FINE and attractive four-color franking overpaying by 2c. double 21c. French Mail rate to Switzerland, with 2008 P.F. certificate.

Lot 1430

ESTADOS UNIDOS. (1870 CA). Sobre con publicidad de MINNE HA-HA FALLS en Minneapolis con estampación en seco del marco y FOTOGRAFIA (albumina sobre papel) de las cataratas. Franqueado con sello de 3 cts. azul (Sc. 114) y dirigido a ST. CHARLES en Illinois. Excepcional sobre con publicidad turistica con fotografía incorporada, probablemente se trate del ejemplar mas antiguo conocido del uso de la fotografía como publicidad en un sobre. Cert. SISMONDO.

Lot 1431

ESTADOS UNIDOS. Sc. 146, 148, 150. 1871 (March 7). Invoice from NEW YORK to CADIZ (Spain) endorsed per steamer 'Wyoming' at 28 cents rate franked by Banknote 1870/71 2c. brown, 6c. rose red and pair of 10c. brown tied by CORK cancels in black and by London transit cds in red. NEW YORK/24 datestamp of despatch (March 8) in red and reverse with Cadiz cds. A splendid and SCARCE three colour franking.

Lot 1432

ESTADOS UNIDOS. Sc. 158+161+179. 1875. Cover sent registered from STILLWATER-MINN. to GRAUBRUNDEN (Switzerland); with three colour franking of 1873 3c. blue-green and pair of 10c. brown with 1875-79 Raylor 5c. blue all cancelled in black with despatch cds at left and framed CHARGEE in black. New York transit in red on front and reverse with Basel and Chur cds´s.

Lot 1433

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1876. LONDON (Great Britain) to BOSTON. 2 1/2 d. rose redirected to MANCHESTER with U.S.A. 3 cents green stamp.

Lot 1434

URUGUAY. (1798 CA.). ENVUELTA sin texto dirigida a MONTEVIDEO (fecha de 1798 manuscrita en el interior). Marca ESPAÑA de Cádiz estampada en rojo.

Start price: 150 €
SOLD BY: 150 €

Lot 1435

URUGUAY. 1830 (30 Abril). Carta completa con texto. Marca de B / CATALUÑA y porte de 7 reales estampados en la entrada en Barcelona. Marca DE MONTEVIDEO manuscrita. RARÍSIMA, solo conocemos este ejemplar.

Start price: 350 €
SOLD BY: 460 €

Lot 1436

URUGUAY. 1830 (11 Enero). Carta completa con texto circulada privadamente probablemente por un buque inglés que la depositó en el correo en GIBRALTAR. Marca D. GIBRA / S. ROQUE / AND. BAXA en rojo del Correo español en Gibraltar.

Lot 1437

URUGUAY. 1857. MONTEVIDEO a BORDEAUX (Francia). Carta completa circulada por BUQUE SARDO. Fechador ovalado de Montevideo en verde y marca VAPORI TRANSATL. aplicada a la llegada a Génova para indicar que había llegado por el Correo marítimo Sardo, tasa manuscrita "8" décimas. Muy rara, muy pocas carta conocidas salidas de Montevideo circuladas en esta línea de Vapores.

Start price: 600 €
SOLD BY: 600 €

Lot 1438

URUGUAY. 1857. MONTEVIDEO a BILBAO (España). Marca PAID/AT/MONTEVIDEO. Circulada vía Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Islas Canarias) donde fue tasada con 4 reales. MAGNÍFICA.

Start price: 500 €
SOLD BY: 650 €

Lot 1439

URUGUAY. 1862. MONTEVIDEO a MATARÓ (Barcelona). Sobre (sin texto), indicación manuscrita "Vapor francés (La Guiena) salido de Montevideo el 17 de Enero y llegado a Lisboa el 15 de Febrero a las 3 de la tarde. Salido de Buenos Aires el 14 de Enero". Carta entregada directamente en el barco y circulada fuera del correo hasta Lisboa donde se entregó al correo, tasada en la entrada en ESPAÑA con 20 reales y al dorso fechador de llegada a Mataró. MUY INTERESANTE.

Start price: 150 €
SOLD BY: 150 €

Lot 1440

URUGUAY. 1864. MONTEVIDEO a CÁDIZ. Carta completa, al dorso fechador de la B.P.O. MONTEVIDEO, circulada vía Lisboa. Fechador en el frente de entrada en España por Badajoz.

Start price: 75 €
SOLD BY: 75 €
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