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Tuesday, July 19, 2022
Session one
10:00 AM | Lots 1 - 799
Session two
3:00 PM | Lots 800 - 1459


July 14-18, 2022
9:30 AM - 1:00 PM / 2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Saturdays and Sundays closed

Lots can be collected starting from July 21

Lot 608

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: HANNOVER. Mi. 9 (3). 1857. BREMEN to OSTERHOLTZ. Complete folded letter franked with three 1 gr. black on green tied by blue BREMEN cds and lineal RECOMMANDRIT mark, arrival on reverse. FINE and RARE.

Lot 609

1852. 1/30 thaler black on blue, fine example on attractive outer letter sheet to BODTHORN tied by framed and dated NEUENBURG/1-3 handstamp in black, repeated fine strike at right. Scott 1.

Lot 610

1853 (Dec 28). Entire letter to CLOPPENBURG franked by 1852 1/30 thaler black on blue, fine with large margins all round, tied by straight line FRIESOYTHE straight line handstamp in blue and repeated strike alongside. Some contemporary docketing but a rare cover. Signed Calves. Scott 1.

Lot 612

1863 (Aug 29). Cover to VIENNA franked by unusual usage of 1863 1ngr. rose red and postal stationery cut-out 2ngr. blue tied by neat DRESDEN cds´s. Reverse with Vienna arrival cds. Scarce and very attractive cover. Scott 17.

Lot 613

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: SAJONIA. 1863. DRESDEN to HELSINGFORS (Finland). 1 ngrs. black on rose and 10 ngr. blue, red boxed RECOMANDIRT mark and diverse rate markings. Rare franking and destination.

Lot 615

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: SAJONIA. 1868. SCHONHEYDA to MADRID (Spain). 3 ngr. chesnut (2), one margin scissors cut. Nice appearance and unusual destination at that time.

Lot 617

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: WURTEMBERG. Mi. 28a. 1866. STUTTGART to LONDON. Brown 9 kr. Postal Stationery envelope uprated with 9 kr. brown stamp tied by STUTTGART cds. Fine and RARE franking.

Lot 618

ALEMANIA. 1697 (2 Octubre). GUERRA DE LOS NUEVE AÑOS (Guerra de la Liga de Augsburgo). Carta completa fechada "du Camp de marem". Marca lineal "De L'armee d'alemagne" y porte de "16" sous. Muy rara circulada a finales del siglo XVII.

Lot 619

ALEMANIA. 1734 (22 Abril). GUERRA DE SUCESIÓN DE POLONIA. Carta fechada "Au Camp de Kayserlautern" a AIX (Francia). Marca manuscrita "Ar. de Noailles". El Mariscal de Noailles contactó junto a Berwick en la Campaña de Alemania y tomó el mando de las tropas francesas al morir Berwick en el sitio de Philippsborg. RARÍSIMA y desconocida hasta la fecha.

Lot 620

ALEMANIA. 1853. FRANKFURT a TURIN (Italia). Con etiqueta de Tasa Italiana de 45 cents. + 20 cents = 65 cents y fechador de VERBANO. RARA.

Lot 621

ALEMANIA. 1873. Tiny envelope + original letter to London franked vertical pair 1gr. large shield, cancelled Berlin datestamp. Obverse also bears boxed “Jnsufficiently/prepaid” (with a 'J') + circular-framed “More to Pay” and red crayon '2', altered to '3½' in manuscript. Full Sommer certificate. Very fine.

Lot 622

1873 (Sept 15). Cover to Lucerne, Switzerland franked by 1872 Large Shield 7 kr. blue tied by neat Heidelberg cds. Mailed to the Poste Restante in Lucerne the cover was marked with ´Non Réclamé´ handstamp and in manuscript: ´Aus Heidelberg 15/9, In Luzern 16/9, Returned to Heidelberg 14/2´. Rare and appealing cover. Sommer certificate. Michel 26.

Lot 623

1873. Cover franked with scarce 9Kr lilac brown large shield Eagle (Mi 27b), prepaying the single weight letter rate to France. Stamp tied by framed FRANKFURT A.M. datestamp, and front shows red PD handstamp, plus blue ALLEMAGNE/ERQ. PARIS entry. Reverse bears PARIS A HAVRE ambulant plus LE HAVRE arrival datestamps. A very fine and scarce cover, with 1991 SOMMER certificate.

Lot 624

1882 (June 22). Cover at double rate from GOERLITZ to SAO LUIZ (Paraná Province), struck with GOERLITZ despatch cds in black and endorsed MILITARIA at lower left (the reverse with ´Kgl. 1. Westpr. LDW. Regt. No. 6 / 1 Batallón / 2 Compagnie´ cachet in blue), taxed on arrival with octagonal framed 600 / Rs. handstamp in black. A most unusual cover.

Lot 625

ALEMANIA. 1883 (Sept 22). Germany 5pf. violet stationery card used from BERLIN to HAMBURG, re-addressed on arrival to MALMO (Sweden). On arrival treated as unpaid and charged with Postage Due 3ö. rose carmine and 9ö. orange-yellow tied by MALMO thimble cds's (Sept 24). Scarce and attractive card.

Lot 626

ALEMANIA. Ed. . 1890 (Sept 9). Cover to FRANCE franked by 1888 2 x 10 pf. carmine tied by DARMSTADT cds´s, readdressed on arrival with Type Sage 5 c. green pair tied by DREUX A BUEIL convoyeur TPO cds, and sent back to MUNICH and GMUNDEN. Attractive redirected cover. Scott 48.

Lot 629

Mi. 40 (2), 41, 42, 36. 1911. SHANGHAI a BERLIN. 4 cent. s. 10 pf. rojo (2), 10 cent. s. 20 pf., 20 cents. s. 40 pf. y 1 1/2 dollar s. 3 M. violeta. Carta certificada. Rarísimo franqueo en carta comercial.

Lot 630

KIAO-TCHEU. 1907 (Nov 9). Yacht 4c. red postal stationery card used to Yokohama cancelled by "Tsingtau" cds in black, addressee un-found in Yokohama (Nov 16) and card tagged and forwarded on to Tokyo. A fine and attractive usage.

Lot 631

1894 (Dec 5). 3pf. green postal stationery Newspaper wrapper used from Mogador (Essaouria) to Stuttgart, with manuscript ´Mogador 5/12/94´at left. Up-rated with 1888 3pf. brown and 10pf. carmine tied by framed ´AUS/WEST AFRIKA´ handstamps in black. Rare and unusual usage.

Lot 632

1899 (April 30). Cover bearing embossed 5pf. green (2) used to SAFFI/MOROCCO cancelled by MUNICH despatch cds´s. Oval DEUTSCHE SEEPOST-LINIE-HAMBURG/WESTAFRIKA-IX datestamp on front (May 17) and manuscript ´Züruck...´ (Return to sender) and two line cachet AGENTUR DER WOERMAN LINIE/IN SAFFI in violet. Reverse with German Consulate in Saffi handstamp in violet, Tangier cds and Munich return cds (May 30). A most interesting and very rare mark of the Woerman Linie in Saffi.

Lot 634

MARRUECOS ALEMAN. Mi. 1, 2, 3 (2), 6. 1900. TANGER a MÁLAGA (España). 3 cts., 5 cts., 10 cts. (2) y 60 cts. carta certificada, al dorso llegada.

Lot 635

MARRUECOS ALEMAN. Mi. 7 (2), 10, 11, 13. 1900. SAFFI a ALEMANIA. Carta certificada, precioso franqueo, al dorso llegada.

Lot 637

MARRUECOS ALEMAN. Mi. 8 (2), 11. 1912. TANGER a ALEMANIA. Entero Postal doble de 5 pf. + 5 pf. con franqueo complementario de 5 cts. (2) y 30 cts. Llegada en el frente.

Lot 638

TOGO. 1915. ANECHO a PORTO NOVO (Dahomey). 10 s. 5 pf. verde (2), más sello bisectado para completar la tarifa de 25 pf. Al dorso llegada. RARA. Firma Calves.

Lot 641

ESPAÑA: PREFILATELIA. 1840 (21 Sept.). SANTIAGO a LONDRES. Carta completa circulada por el Correo Británico, marca B.V.C. / VIGO en azul (British Vice Consulate) (PE 21) y tarifa manuscrita de 2/2 sh. RARÍSIMA, solo cinco o seis cartas conocidas.

Lot 643

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1858. LONDON to SANTIAGO DE CUBA. Entire letter, endorsed "p. Persia" and forwarded via New York by GIMBERNAT AND ESCORIANZA/NEW YORK.

Lot 646

1878 (March 16). Cover from Portsmouth (with full original contents) addressed care of the British Consul in Callao, Peru franked by 1s. green pl. 12 tied by Portsmouth duplex. Reverse with Liverpool transit, and cover re-addressed on arrival in Callao to a Barque working at Eten in the Guano Islands with Peru Postage Due 1874 10c. orange applied as full payment could not be effected from the UK until Peru joined the UPU (1 April 1879). A rare and fine cover. Certificate Karl Albert Louis. SG 150.

Lot 647

1871 (April 27). Illustrated cover (return address) from Antigua via Halifax, Nova Scotia to Bangor, USA with 1867 1d. vermilion tied by ´AO2´ obliterator in black, red manuscript ´1´ in crayon. Struck with straight line ´Due 2 cts.´ in black on arrival. SG 7. BPA certificate (1963).

Lot 648

* ANTIGUA. Sg. 41/51. 1908-17. COMPLETE set. Fine. Stanley Gibbons 285£.

Lot 649

ANTIGUA. 1870. ANTIGUA to ANNOPOLIS (New Scotia). Printed circular franked with 1d. orange tied by A02. Sent via Bermuda and St. Thomas .

Lot 650

AUSTRALIA. Sc. 14(3). 1855. SYDNEY a ESCOCIA. 2 p. azul tira de tres, márgenes muy grandes. Tasada a la llegada con 5. MAGNIFICA.

Lot 652

AUSTRALIA. Sg. 19, 43. 1866. KOORINGA to ENGLAND. 1p. green and 9p. grey lilac. Marked "via Marseilles". Carried on board of the P.& O. ship "Bombay".

Lot 653

AUSTRALIA. 1897. AUSTRALIEN NEW HEBRIDES COMPANY. NEW HEBRIDES to SYDNEY. Envelope franked with a vertical pair 1d. magenta and black private stamps mixed with New South Wales 1/2d. greenish and 2d. blue. RARE mixed franking.

Lot 655

AUSTRALIA. 1939 (July 22). GUINEA Airways Lockheed, VH-AAU, conducted a survey flight from ADELAIDE to DILI (Portuguese Timor) via Darwin and Koepang (Dutch East Indies), and unofficial mails were carried signed by the entire crew and passengers aboard the plane, including the Minister for Civil Aviation (the late Mr J. V. Fairbairn). Official mails were carried to Darwin. Capt. D. G. Cameron in command. VERY RARE, less than five covers known.

Lot 657

BARBADOS. Sg. 27, 52. 1872. BARBADOS to PORTLAND (U.S.A.). Envelope franked with (4d.) lake perf. 14-16 and (1d.) blue perf. 14 1/2 each tied by BARBADOS cds. Manuscript "4" ship rate in red crayon and N.Y. STEAMSHIP / 10 applied on entry. Small opening tear but a charming cover.

Lot 658

BARBADOS. Sg. 89, 91, 93. 1885. BARBADOS to U.S.A. 1/2 d. green, 1 d. red and 2 1/2 d. blue. Arrival on reverse.

Lot 660

HONDURAS BRITANICA. Sg. 50. 1897. BELIZE to PHILADELPHIA. Large envelope O.H.M.S. franked with 15 on 6 on 3 cents blue stamp, tied by BELIZE/BRITISH HONDURAS. Registered cover, flap missing on reverse. A RARE franking. (SG. 700 £).

Lot 661

HONDURAS BRITANICA. 1931 (5 Diciembre). BELIZE to MERIDA (México). FIRST FLIGHT. 3 cts. (6), 2 cts. arrival on reverse. Very rare. Flight only 5 covers carried. (Mu. 15).

Lot 662

1897-1906. COLLECTION of 35 covers/card (one fault) all with INDIA QV frankings tied by fine ´Bridge-type´. Ex. col. D. FILBY (see web).

Lot 664

1812 (June 3). Entire letter written from QUEBEC to OPORTO, originally endorsed ´p. Vine´ and changed to ´p. John´; struck in transit with straight line LISBOA in black and handstruck ´40´ (reis) charge mark. Extremely rare and fine entire.

Lot 665

1833. Transatlantic mail from MONTREAL (text on emigrants in 1752) charged ´8´ and forwarded from New York with boxed French entry PAYS D´OUTREMER PAR LE HAVRE in black. Manuscript ´Il n´y a pour l´ecrivain aucune moyen d´affrachir la lettre plus loin que jusqu´a New York´. Interesting item.

Lot 666

CANADA. 1866. INCOMING MAIL. TARRAGONA (Spain) to MONTREAL (Canada). Folded cover franked with two spanish stamps of 20 cts. lilac with R.C.46 cancel, paying the full maritime rate to Canada via British ship. 5 Cents due for paying the land routing to Montreal. Outstanding cover is the only pre-UPU Spanish cover known to internal Canada. Ex. H. TOASPERN Collection.

Lot 667

CANADA. Sg. 29 (2), 32. 1865. TORONTO. Envelope bearing 1 cent red (2) and 5 cents orange tied by grill cancel and red REGISTERED mark. Flap missing. Fine and attractive cover.

Lot 669

CABO DE BUENA ESPERANZA. 1800-1830. Four letters (one front) with diverse Prephilatelic marks.

Lot 670

CABO DE BUENA ESPERANZA. 1893. CAPE TOWN to GERMANY. 1 d. rose (10), 2 d. brown (4), 4 d. blue and two stamps, 1 penny on 2 d. (2). Registered cover oustanding franking.

Lot 671

CEILAN. Sg. 131, 136. 1896. KANDY to USA. 5 cts. blue postal stationary envelope uprated with 5 cents. and 15 cts. stamps sent registered arrival on reverse.

Lot 672

COOK. Sg. 6/10. 1897. RAROTONGA to SAN FRANCISCO. Envelope franked with 1d., 1 1/2d., 2 1/2d., 5d. and 10d. stamps tied by COOK ISLAND cds. Sent registered via Auckland.

Lot 673

1690. Entire letter datalined ´Ca. (Candia) 11 Marzo 1690´ to LIVORNO (Italy). Enclosed ´via di Marseille´. Early cover from the Venturi correspondence.

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