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Martes, 6 febrero 2024
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14.30 h | Lotes 1 -1227

Miércoles, 7 febrero 2024
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15 h | Lotes 1501 - 1767


1-5 febrero 2024
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Los lotes se pueden recoger a partir del 9 de febrero

Lote 606

COSTA DE ORO. Sc. 48. 1900 (July 13). Cover endorsed ´Per S.S. Maria Woermann´ to DRESDEN (Germany) endorsed at upper left ´Winnebah 13/7 1900, 7gr.´ franked by 1888 Germany 10pf. carmine pair tied by framed AUS / WESTAFRIKA handstamp in black. Reverse with arrival cds (11/8) and sender´s purple cachet. Rare.

Lote 607

GRANADA. 1858 (Sept 25). Entire letter to LONDON franked by Great Britain 1856 6 d. lilac tied by bold strike of A15 Grenada obliterator in black with LONDON red arrival cds (Oct 15) on reverse. Scarce entire. SG Z4.

Lote 608

GRANADA. 1905-40. 3 postage due cards.

Lote 609

HONG KONG. 1850 (Jan 30). Entire letter from HONG KONG to PARIS via Marseille, reverse with HONG KONG cds in black and obverse with good strike of PAID AT HONG KONG Crown Circle in red. Prepaid 1sh. in manuscript and charged 10 decimes due on receipt (March 21).

Lote 610

HONG KONG. 1863. Cover with manuscript endorsement on front from HONG KONG, struck on reverse with HONG KONG single ring datestamp (July 11) in black. Framed GB/1F 62 4/10 Anglo-French accountancy handstamp in black with Marseille entry mark (Aug 26) in red. Bolsuard arrival cds in red on reverse of a fine cover.

Lote 612

INDIA. 1857. HYDERABAD to ANNAN (Scotland). An open out envelope franked with block of twelve of 1/2 anna blue tied by numeral ´96´ of Bombay and redirected with Great Britain 1d. red. Espectacular and RARE redirected franking.

Lote 613

INDIA. 1881. SIALKOT to PARIS. 1/2 anna blue and 4 annas grey green, on back local stamp of KASHMIR 1 anna red. Rare combination franking on cover to overseas.

Lote 614

INDIA. 1886. KASHMIR to AMRITSAR. 1 anna brown and 2 annas orange with three local stamps of KASHMIR on REGISTERED cover. RARE mixed franking.

Lote 617

KENIA. 1910-30. KENYA, UGANDA, TANGANIKA. Lot of 15 covers with diverse frankings.

Lote 619

JAMAICA. 1867. Cover to PARIS sent unpaid struck on reverse with KINGSTON / JAMAICA cds of despatch; sent via London where cds (Dec 18) in red applied with framed GB / 2F accountancy markings in black. Charged 10 decimes in black on arrival.

Lote 621

JAMAICA. 1868-1917. Lot of 4 covers with diverse frankings.

Lote 622

**/* LABUAN. Sg. 34. 1891-92. 6 cents. on 8 cents. deep violet, sheet of Ten. Light toned gum and minor surface age stains. Cert. R.P.S.Stanley Gibbons +2.000£.

Lote 623

LABUAN. 1894-98. 2 postal stationary cards.

Lote 624

LAGOS. 1874 (7-Dec.). Envelope ex de ´BAILEY´ correspondence registered to WOLVERHAMPTON, bearing 4 d. carmine and 6 d. blue-green both centrally cancelled by LAGOS/B. cds., showing red crayon ´5´ over ´2/7´, PAID/LIVERPOOL/BR. PACKET/5A cds. (8.1), REGISTERED/LIVERPOOL double-ring d.s. and, on reverse, straight-line REGISTERED LETTER h.s., all struck in red; the envelope with central vertical fold and scissor-cut alongside the 6 d. A neat and attractive franking. Ex. J. R. DANSON.

Lote 627

MALASIA. 1902. FMS 5 c. ultramarine registered stationery envelope used to PARIS and up-rated with FMS pair of 1900 3 c. black & brown with two 5 c. red and green on yellow tied KAMPAR squared circle datestamp (Perak, Proud D1, R1) with registration cachet alongside and PENANG and PARIS cds´s on reverse of delightful cover.

Lote 629

MALASIA. 1925-40. Lot of 21 covers.

Lote 630

MALTA. 1837 (Dec. 19). Large part entire letter from SMYRNA to PARIS, endorsed at upper left ´Malte´ in manuscript, with reverse showing italic ´Purifié de Marseille´ in black and somewhat toasted for disinfection. Marseille transit cds (Jan. 6, 1838) on front and rated 10 decimes handstruck on arrival.

Lote 631

MALTA. 1866 (Oct.). Entire from Holland, bearing red ´AMSTERDAM´ cds also PAYS-BAS/2 ERQUELINES cds. in blue, FR/2F 16C currency mark, on reverse has two Malta receiving marks. Very rare currency mark, not listed in Salles on cover from Holland.

Lote 632

MALTA. Sg. 95. 1869 (Feb 8). Entire letter from MALTA bearing Great Britain 4d. vermilion, pl. 10, tied on arrival at the port of Naples by DOTTED NUMERAL obliterator in black. NAPOLI cds alongside and fair two line PIROSCAFI POSTALI / NAZIONALI at left. Naples and Genova arrival cds on reverse of a VERY RARE entire. Signed Raybaudi.Entire letter to GENOA from MALTA franked by GB 4 d. vermilion pl. 10. Tied on arrival in Naples Port by numeral handstamp with cds alongside and fine two line PIROSCAFI POSTALI-NAZIONALI in black. NAPLES & GENOA cds´s on reverse of fine and rare entire. SG 95.

Lote 633

MALTA. 1886 (Apr 27). Cover probably from Tunisia franked by uncancelled 1878 Italian ´Estero´ 20c orange, cancelled by well struck MALTA-A25 duplex with Livorno arrival datestamp on reverse. A very attractive and scarce usage. Scott 7.

Lote 637

MAURICIO. 1823 (Janvier 12). SAVANNE. ILE MAURICE to VILLEFRANCHE. Entire letter with COLONIES PAR/CHERBOURG entry mark (salles 50), endorsed ´Par le Grand Navigateur´ and rated ´11´ decimes. Very rare origin.

Lote 639

MAURICIO. 1840 (Aug. 14). Entire lettre from MAURITIUS to BORDEAUX endorsed ´per Le Pondichéry´ and struck with MAURITIUS-POST OFFICE cds in red (faint) and framed PAYS D´OUTREMER in red alongside PAUILLAC-BATEAU A VAPEUR in red (April 14). Salles three or four pieces known in this colour. A rare usage of this entry marking.

Lote 640

MAURICIO. 1838. LIEUT WEST. ´THE VALE´ to LONDON. Entire letter on reverse black MAURITIUS/POST OFFICE mark and DOVER/INDIA LETTER entry mark. A rare origen.

Lote 641

MAURICIO. 1859 (May). MAURITIUS to HARBURG (Saxony, Germany). PRINTED COMMERCIAL RAPORT franked with 1848 Post Paid 1 d. red on grey, latest Impression, Pos.3 cancelled with mute oval bars. additionally tied by red French June 1859 with handstamped framed F/39. Accountancy marking (British Colonies/France/Prusse) (Van der Linden 1174) and manuscript ´10´ backstamped MAURITIUS/G.P.O Marseille, Lyon, París, red AACHEN transits and blue HARBURG arrival datestamp, irrelevant small tear at top of adhesive. Extraordinary cover printed matter rate and believed the unique cover known to Germany in this period. Cert. B.P.A. 2017.

Lote 643

MAURICIO. 1861. BOMBAY to MAURITIUS. Entire letter rated ´6d´ showing two strikes SHIP LETTER, endorsed ´pr. Alwynton´. Very fine and rare in this condition.

Lote 644

MAURICIO. 1867 (Sept. 18). Cover and complete contents written from PORT LOUIS, MAURICE, (ANCIENNE FORT DE FRANCE), sent unpaid to FRANCE and struck with fine circular COR. D.ARM / LIG.T.PAQ.FR.No.1 datestamp in black of the same day. Handstruck ´30´ due marking applied, with Paris (Oct 25) arrival on reverse of a charming and rare entire that displays well.

Lote 646

MAURICIO. 1903 (Dec 23). ): ´The Eastern Telegraph Company´ envelope registered use to REUNION, franked on reverse with 1899 Labourdonnais 15c. blue and pair of 1902 6c. purple & carmine on red pair tied by MAURITIUS cds´s and by ST. DENIS-REUNION arrival (Dec 25). A fine and scarce cover. SG 136,146.

Lote 648

NUEVAS HEBRIDAS. 1929 (Dec 27). Registered cover from Port Vila to Lille, France franked by French New Hebrides 25c. and British New Hebrides 1s. and 2s. all tied by N. Hebrides cds´s. Arrival cds on reverse of rare cover.

Lote 649

NUEVAS HEBRIDAS. 1911-1932. Lot of 6 covers with diverse frankings.

Lote 650

NUEVA ZELANDA. 1890 (July 21). Cover to SCOTLAND bearing 1882 6 d. brown tied NAPIER squared circle datestamp and used to EDINBURGH. On arrival readdressed to LOCHEARNHEAD franked by 1881 1 d. lilac tied by 131 EDINBURGH handstamp. A fine and scarce cover. SG 65/ GB SG 172.

Lote 651

NUEVA ZELANDA. 1890 (Dec 23). Registered cover to SHEPTON MALLET (UK) bearing 1882-90 1d. rose (3) and 6d. brown all tied by HAWERA cds´s and by London oval transit (Feb 2, 1891) in red. Reverse with Wanganui transit cds. A fresh and fine cover.

Lote 654

LAGOS. 1873 (15-Jan.). Envelope ex the ´NUTTALL´ correspondence registered to MANCHESTER, showing red crayon ´3´ over ´2/5´, superb B/LAGOS cds., straight-line REGISTERED h.s., PAID/LIVERPOOL/SHIP tombstone d.s. (18.12) and two strikes of REGISTERED/LIVERPOOL double-ring d.s., both in red, with arrival d.s. (18.1) on reverse. Most attractive. Ex. H. G. PORTES, W. C. HINDE.

Lote 655

NIGERIA. 1882 (20 Sept.). Envelope from LAGOS to ROME (Italy) registered from ´Post Office Lagos´, bearing 1882, 1 d. lilac-mauve (4, one marginal) and 2 d. blue each cancelled with oval of bars, showing REGISTERED LETTER h.s. in red at left, LAGOS cds, LIVERPOOL (25.10) and LONDON (25.10). Registered oval d.s., ROME arrival c.d.s. on reverse. Rare and most attractive. (S.G. 17, 18).

Lote 656

NIGERIA. 1887 (28 April). LAGOS to GERMANY, marked ´Lagos 28/4. 87´ at left and bearing Germany 1880-87, 20 pf. ultramarine cancelled with superb boxed AUS/WESTAFRIKA h.s. (Type G4), the reverse with NEUDIETENDORF arrival c.d.s. (6.6). Rare cover.

Lote 657

NIGERIA. Sc. 49. 1892 (Nov. 19). Cover to HAMBURG endorsed at upper left with ´pr. Eduard Bohlen´ and ´Lagos Rhede, 19-11-92, 54gr.´ bearing Germany 1889 20pf. blue (two pairs, one stamp with small blemish on front) all tied by framed AUS / WESTAFRIKA handstamps in black. Hamburg arrival cds (14/2) on reverse of a rare cover.

Lote 658

NIGERIA. 1893. OLD CALABAR to LONDON. 1sh. green ovpr. BRITISH PROTECTORATE/OIL RIVERS tied by double-ring OLD CALABAR. RARE stamp on cover.

Lote 659

NIGERIA. 1894 (23 May). Envelope registered to BIRMINGHAM, bearing 1892 5 d. dull purple and blue and 1894 (Jan.) 1 d. pale blue and 5 d. grey-lilac, all tied by OLD CALABAR cds, showing large ´R´ h.s., REGISTERED/OLD CALABAR d.s. and REGISTERED LIVERPOOL transit d.s. (25.6). Neat and attractive.

Lote 662

NIGERIA. 1900 (June). Envelope to ESSEX, bearing 1900 1 d. at upper left tied by manuscript ´Post Office, Jebba, 4/6/1900´ in red ink and showing arrival cds on reverse; the envelope with some minor stains and opened-out.

Lote 663

NIGERIA. 1897-1940. Lot of 10 covers with diverse frankings.

Lote 665

SANTA HELENA. 1903. ST. HELENA to ENGLAND. Registered envelope franked by 1/2 p. (2) and 2 p. with arrival on reverse. Fine and nice cover.

Lote 666

SANTA HELENA. Lot of 5 covers.

Lote 667

SANTA LUCIA. 1905-32. Lot of 5 covers, two of them with Postage Due Stamps.

Lote 668

SAN VICENTE. 1893 (Feb 10). Cover to King´s Norton franked by 1885 1d. rose red and 1891 1sh. bright orange tied by ´Kingstown´ cds´s in black. Flap tear on reverse but an attractive cover. SG 48,58.

Lote 670

SARAWAK. 1887 (24 Marzo). SARAWAK to NEW YORK registered envelope bearing 1875 2 cts. lilac strip of three cancelled by superb ´S´ in diamont of bars, in combination with Straits Settlements 8 cts. orange and 10 cts. slate (2) twice cancelled by undated double ring SINGAPORE/P.O showing fine boxed SARAWAK POST OFFICE/REGISTERED LETTER at left and with LONDON/REGISTERED oval cds, the reverse with Singapore cds and two arrival cds. An Extraordinary combination franking, probably the most spectacular Sarawak and Straits Settlements mixed fraking recorded. Ex. Robert S. Emerson and ´Kuching´ collections. Cert. B.P.A. (2015).

Lote 672

SARAWAK. Sg. 37 (4), 39, 41 (4). 1913. KUCHING to LONDON. Large commercial registered envelope franked with four 2 cts., 4 cts. and four 10 cts. stamps. RARE high franking.

Lote 673

SEYCHELLES. 1889. Envelope to FRANCE bearing Mauritius 16 cent brown (SG 109) tied by B64 obliterator with adjacent SEYCHELLES cds and octagonal French paquebot LIGNE T. PAQ. FR. Nº 6 (Salles 2142) datestamp with LYON arrival on reverse. A fine and rare item.

Lote 674

SEYCHELLES. 1897-1902. 4 covers with diverse frankings.

Lote 677

STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. 1849. SINGAPORE to CÁDIZ (Spain). Sent via Alexandria, Malta and forwarded to Gibraltar. Boxed TO/PAY and charged 10 pence. On reverse ALEXANDRIA and PURIFIE AT LAZARET/MALTA marks.

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