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Martes, 6 febrero 2024
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14.30 h | Lotes 1 -1227

Miércoles, 7 febrero 2024
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15 h | Lotes 1501 - 1767


1-5 febrero 2024
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Los lotes se pueden recoger a partir del 9 de febrero

Lote 441

REUNION. 1864 (July 3). Cover to Paris with General Issues 1859-65 Eagle 10c. bistre and single 40c. orange cancelled by dotted lozenge in red brown with scarce ´S.ANDRÉ/ILE DE LA REUNION´ cds in blue. Blue octagonal ´Col.Fr. V. Suez.Paq.A/Mars.3´ (Aug 3) on front and reverse (seal removed) with Paris arrival cds. Ceres 3,5.

Lote 443

REUNION. 1867 (Nov 18). Cover from St. Paul to Nantes franked by sheet marginal strip of five 1859-65 10c bistre cancelled by dotted lozenge in black. ´Reunion/St.Paul´ cds at left and Nantes (Dec 18) arrival on reverse of fine and scarce cover. Ceres 3.

Lote 448

REUNION. 1897 (Sept. 16). Cover to PARIS with mixed franking of General Issues Dubois 1881 25c. black on lilac and 1893 Reunion 25c. black on rose tied by REUNION-ST.DENIS cds and by framed ´R´. Paris arrival cds (Oct. 14) on reverse of fine and unusual cover.

Lote 450

SAN PEDRO Y MIQUELON. 1871 (Aug 29). ST. JOHN´S to ST. PIERRE MIQUELON. Cover to St. Pierre Miquelon bearing scarce 1870 3c. vermilion cancelled by black segmented handstamp of St. John´s with watery despatch cds at left and St. Pierre arrival (Sept 1) below. Manuscript ´0.25´ on front as amount due on receipt. Some small faults but a rare cover. Sismondo certificate. SG 36.

Lote 453

SENEGAL. 1875 (April 23). Registered cover, side flaps removed, locally used with framed P.P. straight line CHARGÉ and SENEGAL ET DEP./ST. LOUIS cds all perfect impressions, struck in bright blue. Official cachet in blue on reverse of a delightful and rare cover.

Lote 454

SENEGAL. Ce. 60. 1876. Cover, probably mailed by serving Soldier in SENEGAL to GRAULHET (France) bearing soldier´s concessionary rate franking of 1871-75 ceres 25c. blue tied on landing with MARSEILLE cds (May 8) with superb framed CORR. / DES ARMEES handstamp in red. Reverse with Marseille and Graulhet cds´s. A scarce cover.

Lote 455

SENEGAL. Ce. 28. 1891 (June 18). Registered Value Declared (For 6.000 francs) cover to PARIS franked by General Issues Type Sage 75c. rise pair, slight fault to one, tied by GOREE-SENEGAL cds´s. Manuscript AFFRANCHISEMENT INSUFFISANT at top (apparently ignored) and fine octagonal LIGNE J-PAQ. FR. No. 2 datestamp in blue (June 23) below. Charge box on reverse with five red wax seals.

Lote 456

SENEGAL. Ce. 13+15. 1903 (Dec 20). Postcard sent registered to PARIS franked by 1892 15c. blue and 25c. black on rose tied by TIVAOUANE-SENEGAL cds´s and framed ´R´ all in blue. LOANGO A MARSEILLE-PAQ.FR.No. 2 Paquebot in black alongside (Jan 4, 1904). Paris arrival (21/1) at left. A fine and most unusual usage.

Lote 457

SENEGAL. 1926 (3-III). VUELO especial DAKAR-ST. LOUIS. Carta con franqueo de 5 cts. (2) y 10 cts. con firma autógrafa del piloto Conde de la Vaux, al dorso llegada a ST. LOUIS. Rarísimo, existen menos de una docena de cartas voladas. (Muller 9).

Lote 458

SENEGAL. 1860-1930. Lot of 18 covers.

Lote 459

SUDAN. 1899-1901. 2 covers with French Army marks.

Lote 460

SUDAN. 1926 (2-III). VUELO especial KAYES (Sudan)-DAKAR (Senegal). Carta con franqueo de 15 cts. (2) con firma del piloto Conde de la Vaux, al dorso llegada a Dakar. Rarísima, existen menos de una docena de cartas voladas. (Muller 8).

Lote 461

TAHITI. 1837-1844. 2 covers with text from RAIATE and PAPETE to London and France.

Lote 462

TAHITI. 1848-69. 2 covers from RAIATEA and PAPEETE.

Lote 463

TAHITI. 1865 (Nov 1). Cover at double rate from TAHITI to LIBOURNE franked by 1859-65 Eagle 40c. vermilion in two strips of three, all tied by OCN dotted lozenge in black. Reverse with octagonal COL. FR.-PAQ. FR. A. No. 3 in black and arrival cds. A remarkable cover. Signed Calves, Jamet. Certificate SCHELLER and SISMONDO. Ceres 5.

Lote 464

TAHITI. 1884 (Aug 5). Formula card, slight vertical bend, used to Matirea, Tahiti franked by 1884 surcharged ´Tahiti/10c.´ in black reading up on General Issues 1881 20c. red on green, tied by ´Papeete/Taiti´ cds with repeated strike below. Extremely rare (cat $3´000 as a single franking). Certificates ROBINEAU and SISMONDO. Ceres 5. Scott 3b.

Lote 465

TAHITI. 1893 (Sept 8). Cover to Nancy at concessionary Soldier´s Rate, franked by diagonally surcharged (reading up to right) 1893 15c. blue tied by octagonal ´CORR. D´ARMEES-PAPEETE´ in black with repeated strike alongside. Paris transit on front (Oct 26) and Nancy arrival on reverse of a fine and rare cover. Certificate SISMONDO. Ceres 12. Scott 10.

Lote 466

TAHITI. Ce. 18+20. 1894 (Sept. 6). Newspaper wrapper mailed to PAPEETE (Tahiti) franked solely by Type Sage 1c. black on azure, underpaid and struck with triangular ´T´ mark at right. Taxed on arrival with imperforate 1893 Postage Due 5c. pale blue and 15c. pale green tied by PAPEETE cds´s. Rare.

Lote 467

TAHITI. 1899 (Aug 26). Cover from TAIOHAE to RAROTONGA (Cook Islands) franked by 1892 25c. black on rose tied by two strikes of scarce TAIOHAE - TAITI cds´s in violet. Black COOK ISLANDS-RAROTONGA arrival cds at left (Sept 16) and reverse with Papeete transit (Sept 1) cds. Adhesive creased but a rare cover. Ceres 8.

Lote 469

TUNEZ. 1862. Entire letter to MARSEILLE franked by imperf 20 c. blue Empire tied by dotted TUNIS cds in black for ´Port to Port´ rate only. A scarce entire with arrival on reverse. Sc 15. Calves and Roumet.

Lote 471

TUNEZ. 1858-1950. Lot of 12 covers.

Lote 472

ZANZIBAR. Ce. 31. 1900 (Nov 25). Registered cover commercially used to NEUILLY SUR SEINE (France) franked by 1896 50a. on 5fr. lilac tied by ZANZIBAR cds in black. Framed ´R´ at left and repeated cds. Reverse with LA REUNION A MARSEILLE/L.U.NO.3 transit (Nov 27) with arrival (Dec 14) alongside. A very rare single franking.

Lote 473

ZANZIBAR. Ce. 30. 1900 (Aug 28). Registered cover to REIMS franked by 1896 20a. on 2fr. blistre on azure tied by ZANZIBAR cds in black. Framed ´R´ and repeated datestamp at left and reverse with arrival cds. A fine and scarce cover.

Lote 474

ECUADOR. 1855. MANNHEIM to HEITERSHEIM. 3 kr. black on green and 6 kr. black on green (Mi. 3b, 6). Very nice combination franking two stamps with the same colour. Cert. F. STEGMÜLLER.

Lote 475

ECUADOR. Mi. 22, 23, 24. AUGSBURG to PALERMO. 1 kr. green, 3 kr. red and 6 kr. bister with blue AUGSBURG cds. Very fine tricolour franking. F. PFENNINGER.

Lote 479


Lote 480

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: HANNOVER. 1754. Entire letter from HANNOVER to BOURGES via Paris with good strike of A.DU.B.RHIN in red, interesting and readable content. A scarce letter from this Campaign against the British & Prussian forces.

Lote 482

ERITREA. 1871 (Oct 4). Entire letter from Berlin to France franked by perforated 1869 ¼gr. Pale lilac, creased 1/3 gr. green and vertical pair of 2gr. blue all tied by blue Berlin cds´s. Lyon-Marseille TPO cds on reverse. Scott 13,14,17.

Lote 483

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: OLDENBURGO. 1852. 1/30 thaler black on blue, fine example on attractive outer letter sheet to BODTHORN tied by framed and dated NEUENBURG/1-3 handstamp in black, repeated fine strike at right. Scott 1.

Lote 484

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: OLDENBURGO. 1853 (Dec 28). Entire letter to CLOPPENBURG franked by 1852 1/30 thaler black on blue, fine with large margins all round, tied by straight line FRIESOYTHE straight line handstamp in blue and repeated strike alongside. Some contemporary docketing but a rare cover. Signed Calves. Scott 1.

Lote 485

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: PRUSIA. (1853 CA). Cover front and part back sent registered with extraordinary usage of Postal Stationery cut out showing 1852 octagonal 4sgr. red-brown tied by boxed & dated SCHONLANKE in black. Red framed ´Recomandirt´ above. A scarce item.

Lote 488

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: SAJONIA. 1863 (Aug 29). Cover to VIENNA franked by unusual usage of 1863 1ngr. rose red and postal stationery cut-out 2ngr. blue tied by neat DRESDEN cds´s. Reverse with Vienna arrival cds. Scarce and very attractive cover. Scott 17.

Lote 489

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN. 1865. HADERSLEBEN to FRANCE. Entire with P.D. mark rectified with a label attached above and subsequently TT36 mark, rare used from Schleswig-Holstein letter.

Lote 490

ALEMANIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN. 1881. WURTEMBERG a RIO DE JANEIRO (Brasil). 5p. lila (2) y 10p. carmín. Fechador de llegada al dorso. Rara destinación.

Lote 492

ALEMANIA. 1758 (13 Agosto). GUERRA DE LOS SIETE AÑOS. WESEL a FRANCIA. Marca lineal ARM. DU. B. RHIN y tasa de ´17´. Ineresante texto sobre el paso del puente Lena.

Lote 498

ALEMANIA. Mi. 21. 1873. IMPERIO. HANNOVER a ILLINOIS y redirigido interiormente con sello de 3 cts. verde (Sc. 136). Rara combinación.

Lote 499

ALEMANIA. 1882 (June 22). Cover at double rate from GOERLITZ to SAO LUIZ (Paraná Province), struck with GOERLITZ despatch cds in black and endorsed MILITARIA at lower left (the reverse with ´Kgl. 1. Westpr. LDW. Regt. No. 6 / 1 Batallón / 2 Compagnie´ cachet in blue), taxed on arrival with octagonal framed 600 / Rs. handstamp in black. A most unusual cover.

Lote 500

ALEMANIA. 1883-89. 2 card with Sweden Postage Due Stamps.

Lote 501

ALEMANIA. 1898. LONDON to GERMANY. 1 p. rose envelope (reduced at left) uprated with three Great Britian 1 1/2 p. orange stamps, redirected with German 10 pf. red stamp.

Lote 505

CAMERUN. 1893 (Jul). CAMEROON. CAMEROON to GERMANY, bearing Lagos stamp, 2 1/2 d. ultramarine in combination with Germany 1889 20 pf. sharing ´CÖLN (RHEIN)-VERVIERS/BAHNPOST/ZUG 7 oval d.s. with a further fine strike alongside,PANKOW arrival c.d.s (22.8) on reverse; both adhesives with small faults though a very rare and unusual combination franking. Note: As Cameroon was a member of the U.P.U., but the Niger Territories were not, German and British postage had to be paid separately. The above cover was probably transported via the Benue and Niger rivers, possibly in a sealed bag. Carried to Europe on a German mailboat, it was landed at Antwerp.

Lote 506

CAROLINAS. 1912 (Jan 4). Printed cover from Angaur, Palau, Caroline Islands to Korror addressed to Winkler, head of the Palau Station, with PALAU cds in black (Jan 1) of arrival (date had not been altered) and franked by German New Guinea Kaiser Yacht 10pf. carmine tied by manuscript ´Seepost K.D.S. Komet 4 Jan. 1912´ . The ´Komet´ was the Government Steamer sent from R. Peybach to Winkler, the head of the Palau Station. Signed Grobe. Certificate Steuer.

Lote 509

CHINA. Mi. 40 (2), 41, 42, 36. 1911. SHANGHAI a BERLIN. 4 cent. s. 10 pf. rojo (2), 10 cent. s. 20 pf., 20 cents. s. 40 pf. y 1 1/2 dollar s. 3 M. violeta. Carta certificada. Rarísimo franqueo en carta comercial.

Lote 510

MARRUECOS. 1894 (Dec 5). 3pf. green postal stationery Newspaper wrapper used from Mogador (Essaouria) to Stuttgart, with manuscript ´Mogador 5/12/94´at left. Up-rated with 1888 3pf. brown and 10pf. carmine tied by framed ´AUS/WEST AFRIKA´ handstamps in black. Rare and unusual usage.

Lote 511

MARRUECOS. 1897 (Aug 4). Cover from SAFFI to BREMEN with toned 20pf. ultramarine tied by oval DEUTSCHE SEEPOST-LINIE-HAMBURG/WESTAFRIKA-IV datestamps in black. Reverse with Hamburg cds (Aug 14) and Brunswick arrival cds. Scarce usage. Signed Steauer AIEP.

Lote 512

MARRUECOS. 1899 (April 30). Cover bearing embossed 5pf. green (2) used to SAFFI/MOROCCO cancelled by MUNICH despatch cds´s. Oval DEUTSCHE SEEPOST-LINIE-HAMBURG/WESTAFRIKA-IX datestamp on front (May 17) and manuscript ´Züruck...´ (Return to sender) and two line cachet AGENTUR DER WOERMAN LINIE/IN SAFFI in violet. Reverse with German Consulate in Saffi handstamp in violet, Tangier cds and Munich return cds (May 30). A most interesting and very rare mark of the Woerman Linie in Saffi.

Lote 515

NUEVA GUINEA ALEMANA. 1897 (June 19). Cover and complete long original contents mailed to MESSINES (Belgium) endorsed ´Par Titus´ franked by Germany 1888 5pf. green (4 examples, one with contemporary folded corner) tied by bold HERBERTSHOHE cds´s in black. Reverse with Messines (Aug 11) cds of receipt. Very rare and fine.

Lote 517

GRAN BRETAÑA. 1777 (March 15). CHANNEL ISLANDS. Entire letter from GUERNSEY (a private family letter from Martha Le Mesurier to her cousin in COGNAC), struck with fine S. MALO handstamp on entry in black.

Lote 519

ESPAÑA: PREFILATELIA. 1837. CÁDIZ. PENINSULAR STEAM NAVIGATION CY/CÁDIZ. Envuelta fechada en Sevilla 18 marzo dirigida a LONDRES. Marca en negro de la PSNC, llegada a FALMOUTH (Sede de la compañía) y fechador de llegada a destino. (PE 79). Abril 4. Esta carta circuló por el vapor Iberia que partió el 22 de marzo y llegó a Falmouth el 2 de abril. Porte manuscrito de "1/8" (un chelín y 8 peniques) y porte sencillo. No más de 5 cartas conocidas con esta marca en negro. GRAN PIEZA.

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