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Martes, 6 febrero 2024
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Lote 1119

SALVADOR. 1809. AHUACHAPAN a NUEVA GUATEMALA. Marca AHUACHAPA en negro. Rarísima en carta completa.

Lote 1120

SALVADOR. (1811 ca.). Envuelta circulada a GUATEMALA. Marca S. SALVADOR (Tizón nº 3).

Lote 1121

SALVADOR. 1862. SAN MIGUEL (Salvador) a NICE. Circulada via Panamá y Londres, marca de intercambio GB/2F87 5/10c. Al dorso indicación manuscrita ´decacheteé pour fausse indicación´ y firma del cartero. RARA marca de intercambio en carta procedente del Salvador.

Lote 1122

SALVADOR. 1863-65. 2 covers to USA with FRANCO mark red and black.

Lote 1125

SALVADOR. 1883. ACAJUTLA a LONDRES. 1 ctvo. verde y 5 ctvos. azul (2). Carta circulada por MENSAJERIA PRIVADA y depositada directamente al barco, sellos matasellados en tránsito en NEW YORK. Probablemente UNICA CONOCIDA.

Lote 1126

SALVADOR. Sc. 13,15(2). 1886. LA UNION a FRANCIA. 1 ctvo. verde y 5 ctvos azul (2). MAGNIFICA.

Lote 1127

SERBIA. 1844 (30 Oct.). Entire letter from ALEKSINAC with cyrillic straight line handstamp on black and NAPLACEN (Post Paid) handstamp below; mailed to SEBENICO (Dalmatia) via Austrian P.O. with fine 27 NOV/BELGRAD handstamp on black (manuscript 12 kreuzer charge). Thence via Quarantine Station at SEMLIN with NETTO DI FUORA E DI DENTRO handstamp on reverse and red wax seals of disinfection. AN EXTREMELY RARE and fine entire. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1128

° SERBIA. Mi. 8. 1866. 2 pa. reddish copper brown on lilac blue, plate position 8, cancelled by boxed NAPLACENO. One of the very few examples known with original cancellation. Ex. P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1129

SERBIA. Mi. 2. 1866 (31-8). BEOGRAD to SMEDEREVO. 20 pa. rose Wien printing. VERY FINE.

Lote 1132

° SERBIA. Mi. 10Bb. 1868. 2 pa. red brown, tied by BEOGRAD cds. Light paper transparency at upper right, scissor cut in top margin outside design. Fresh colour and good appearance. A major rarity. Less than ten used stamps are recorded. Ex P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1133

* SERBIA. Mi. 6y (4). 1868. 40 pa. ultramarine ordinary paper, block of four with some hinge re-inforcements. Usual gum crease.Michel 1,28.

Lote 1134

SERBIA. Mi. 10Aa var. 1867. 2 pa. yellow brown, variety ´F´ inverted instead of ´E´ (plate pops. 36). Fine and VERY RARE. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1136

SERBIA. Mi. 3, 4x (2). 1867 (3 July). ALEKSINAK to GRAGUJEVAC. Entire letter franked with two single BELGRADE PRINTING 10 pa. ochre and VIENNA PRINTING 40 pa. blue, cancelled by boxed NAPLACENO and PREPORUCENO. An outstanding mixed franking Vienna and Belgrade printings. UNIQUE KNOWN. Cert. V. KARDOSCH and J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1137

SERBIA. Mi. 4x (2), 6x (2). 1868 (II-X). NEGOTIN to BELGRADE. Entire letter franked with a pair of 10 pa. deep orange and two singles 40 pa. ultramarine, tied by straight line NAPLACENO and adjacent NEGOTIN cds on registered letter with delivery notification. BEOGRAD arrival cds on reverse. Outstanding letter, one of the most important entires of Serbian Philately. Ex collection P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1139

SERBIA. Mi. 17IB var., 12IC, 16IC (2). (1869 CA.). FRONT ONLY. POZEGA to UZICE. 40 pa. purple bisected, perf. 9 1/2 with 10 pa. brown and two 35 pa. green all with perf. 9 1/2 x 12, tied by boxed NAPLACENO and PROPORUCENO with POZEGA departure cds. An outstanding tricolour franking. UNIQUE combination known of 100 para rate. Ex collection P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1141

SERBIA. Mi. 12IA, 15IC. 1870 (25 Oct.). BELGRADE to WIEN. 10 pa. brown perf. 12 and 25 pa. rose perf. 9 1/2 x 12, tied by BEOGRAD. WIEN arrival cds. on reverse. Ex Sir John Wilson and P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1142

SERBIA. Mi. 17IB var. 1870 (15 March). IVANJILA to CACAK. 40 pa. purple perf. 9 1/2 x 12 vertical right half bisected, tied by boxed NAPLACENO and IVANJICA departure cds. RARE. Ex P. Brodtbeck. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1145

SERBIA. Mi. 12IB. 1871. BELGRADE to OSIJEK (Essex, Hungary). Newspaper franked by 10 pa. brown perf. 9 1/2, tied by BEOGRAD cds. RARE. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1146

SERBIA. Mi. 18Ic. 1872 (Jan 28). Registered cover from KARANOVATZ bearing fine usage of 1869 50 pa. green pair (perf. 9 1/2 x 12) cancelled by fine strikes of framed Paid handstamps in blue (Preporucen) with cds of despatch alongside. Reverse with arrival cds in black. A scarce franking and very fine. Scott 24.

Lote 1148

SERBIA. Mi. 12ID, 15IC. 1872 (20 Aug.). BELGRADE to WIEN. 10 pa. brown perf 12 x 9 1/2 (very rare) and 25 pa. rose perf. 9 1/2 x 12, tied by BEOGRAD cds. WIEN arrival cds. on reverse. Ex Sir John Wilson. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1149

SERBIA. Mi. 17IC (2), 14IIA (2). 1873 (26 Oct.). KNJAZEVAC to IVANOVAL. Two second printing 20 pa. blue stamps perf. 12 and two 40 pa. purple stamps perf. 9 1/2 x 12, tied by KNJAZEVAC cds. in blue. Very rare franking for a 120 para rate. Ex Sir John Wilson and P. Brodtbeck. Cert. K. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1151

SERBIA. Mi. 13IA. 1875 (10 Nov.). BELGRADE to PRAG. 15 pa. yellow perf. 12 vertical pair. NICE and RARE FRANKING. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1152

SERBIA. 1875 (20 Aug.). DANUBE STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. Official printed cover from the DDSG Offices in BELGRADE with endorsement ´Porofrei´ at lower left corner, via Zimony (22/8) and addressed to NAGY BECSKEREK (24/8) with black cds´s of each and superb strike of DDSG Roman dated BELGRAD/21/VIII cds. in blue on reverse (Tchilinghirian fig. 670). An outstanding strike of this rare marking in excellent quality. Cert. PUSCHMANN.

Lote 1158

SERBIA. Mi. 12IVA, 14IVA. 1879 (21 Aug.). TRSTENIK to BUDAPEST. 10 pa. deep red brown and fourth printing 20 pa. ultramarine, perf 12, tied by straight line TRSTENIK with manuscript date ´9/8´. On reverse BELGRADE transit and BUDAPEST arrival postmark. EXCEPTIONAL SHADES. Very fine. Cert. J. VELICKOVIC.

Lote 1160

SERBIA. 1902-15. 3 covers with POSTAGE DUE STAMPS.

Lote 1161

SUECIA. 1800-1860. 2 covers to France and 3 covers from Spain and Germany to Sweden, diverse entry marks.

Lote 1162

SUECIA. 1862. ARVIKA a ELVERUN (Noruega). 24 ore amarillo (4) y 50 ore carmín, carta certificada. Manuscrito ´Recommenderas´ franqueo de 146 ore correspondientes a un cuadruple porte (sobrepagado en 2 ore), la tarifa exacta es de 144 ore. Franqueo excepcional. (Facit 45.000 Skr). Cert. H.OBERMÜLLER.

Lote 1163

SUECIA. 1869 (Dec 27). Delightful Ladies´s envelope to Karlborg franked by 1858-62 12ö ultramarine tied by Carlstad cds. Karlsborg cds (Dec 30) on reverse and front with manuscript ´Retour à Töreboda´ . An attractive cover. Scott 9.

Lote 1165

SUECIA. 1871 (June 21). Original letter from a Notary in France to Sweden (no outer cover) concerning Prisoner of War held in Stettin, together with 1871 (July 17) cover and content letter from French Consul in Stockholm enclosing ´6 thalers de Prusse´ for this French Prisoner of War in registered envelope (sent with Notary´s letter) bearing 1858 5ö green and vertical pair of 1866 20ö vermilion tied by STOCKHOLM cds´s. Two strikes of framed ´RECOMMENDERAS´ in black and, on arrival handstamped ´Parti Retour 15.7´ in black, presumably at the Camp where the prisoner was held. An extraordinary cover a fascinating history. Obermüller Wilen certificate. Scott 6,16.

Lote 1167

SUECIA. 1876. Entire letter to FRANCE bearing finr three colour franking of 1872 3 o. bistre, 5 o. green and 12 o. blue all tied by SKUTSKAR cds¦s and by blue ERQUELINES entry marking. Scarce franking for 20 o. rate. Sc 17,19,22.

Lote 1170

SUIZA. 1856 (April 14th). Entire letter from Vevey to Boston, USA with three colour franking of 1854-55 (Berne I) top marginal 15r. rose and 20r. orange with Berne II 1fr. grey tied in black. Pontarlier entry mark in red and ´New York/Br. Pkt/5´ cds of transit (April 29th) with 5c. due on delivery in Boston. Small imperfections but a scarce franking. Certificate Berra-Gautschy AIEP. SBK 24B, 25B, 27C.

Lote 1171

SUIZA. 1865. Entire letter to BELLGARDE franked by two shades of 1862 10 c. pale blue and 2x10 c. deep blue tied by GENEVA cds´s and red entry marking. Unusual cover-shades are very different. Sc 44 var.

Lote 1172

SUIZA. Sa. 17. 1872. COMO a CLUSONE. Carta franqueada con sellos suizos de 10 rp. rojo (2) y sello italiano de 10 cts. castaño matasellado en COMO y tasada a la llegada con sellos italianos de 10 cts. (2). MUY RARO franqueo mixto probablemente realizado por un suizo que estando en la frontera pensó en franquear la carta con sellos de los dos países.

Lote 1174

SUIZA. Zu. 30. 1881 (Feb 11). 2kr. brown postal stationery card mailed to AARAU (Switzerland) and up-rated with 1867-74 3kr. green tied by Habsburgasse-Wien despatch cds. On arrival, re-addressed to Zurich and franked by Swiss 5c. brown tied by Aarau (Feb 14) cds. An attractive and unusual usage. Cert. RELLSTAB (1997).

Lote 1175

SUIZA. Yv. 83(2). 1890. GENEVE a FRANCIA. 5 cents. castaño rojo y 40 cts. gris. Dent. 9 1/2 (2). Valor Declarado, marca CHARGE y lacres al dorso. Rotura a la derecha del sobre producida al abrirlo, sellos en perfecto estado. Rarísimo el 40 cents. dent. 9 1/2 en carta.

Lote 1176

SUIZA. 1896. BERN a ANVERS (Bélgica). 5 Rp. lila rojo sobre entero postal belga de 5 cts. verde, la tarjeta fue reexpedida a VALPARAISO (Chile) y el correo belga dió validez al entero postal. Muy interesante franqueo mixto.

Lote 1183

TURQUIA. 1886. Postal stationery card sent to PARIS showing all Arabic triple-box KASTAMONU cancellation (C/W fig.93).

Lote 1185

TURQUIA. 1892. French postal stationery card used in Istanbul and accepted by Ottoman post to SWITZERLAND showing very rare all Arabic double-octagonal TARABYA cancellation. (C/W fig.177) RRR.

Lote 1191

TURQUIA. 1900 LIBIA. Ottoman postal stationery card answer part used by Tripoli French post office to BELGIUM showing TRIPOLI BARBARIE cancellation.

Lote 1196

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1848 (6 Mayo). LAWRENCEVILLE (Georgia, USA) to US ship ´Ohio´ Pacific Scuadron in Callao. Envelope with full contents, carried by ship ´Julia´. Red oval forwarding agent stamp FORWARDED BY J.H. JOHNSON and manuscript ´Callao´ (Perú).

Lote 1202

ESTADOS UNIDOS. Sc. 96, 100. 1870. YOKOHAMA (Japan) to PONT ST. ESPRIT (France). 10 c. green (grill F) and 30 c. orange (grill F, short margin at right). Transits in S. FRANCISCO and N. YORK, and paquebot mark ETATS-UNIS/PAQ. FR. H Nº 3. Cut in the envelope under the stamps and roughly margins. RARE.

Lote 1204

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1880(Dec 15). Cover to USA franked by GB 2½d pale blue plate 20 tied by Wolverhampton-905 duplex. On arrival the cover was re-addressed and franked by USA 3c green Banknote issue tied by Washington-1 duplex to Cambridge, Mass. Attractive redirected cover. Scott 147.

Lote 1205

ESTADOS UNIDOS. 1884. Cover franked by 1882 Garfield 5 c. brown used from San Francisco to London. On arrival (March 24) readdressed to Cannes, France with 1883 ½d green (2) and 1 ½d venetian red tied by Putney/32 duplexes. Scarce and interesting cover. SG 164,167.

Lote 1207

URUGUAY. 1854 (March 31). Outer letter sheet from MONTEVIDEO to BUENOS AIRES, bearing superb strike on the PAID/AT/MONTEVIDEO crowned circle with matching double arc on reverse, 10 centésimos marking indicating payment of the local postage and 1/- confirming payment of the British packet rate, being carried by the RMSP ´Severn´. The British post office was supplied a ´crowned circle´ hanstamp in 1851, for use to denote prepayment of mail carried to a non-British destination. About ten examples of this postmark are recorded on cover, this being probably the finest. SG CC1. Ex H. Rocha and Parmigiani.

Lote 1211

URUGUAY. 1869 (15 Marzo). MONTEVIDEO a FRANCIA. Circulada con sello francés de 80 cts. rosa, mat. ancla y fechador octogonal MONTEVIDEO/*. MAGNÍFICA.

Lote 1215


Lote 1216

URUGUAY. 1799-1843. 7 covers, one from Montevideo to London via Rio de Janeiro, one to Cuba with blanck YNDIAS entry mark, one early mail 1799 to Buenos Aires...

Lote 1217

VENEZUELA. 1862. 2 covers with yellow 1/2 real stamps from La Guaira to Caracas.

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