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Lote 751

SANTA LUCIA. Sg. 27. 1883. SAINT LUCIA to FRANCE. 4d. yellow tied by A 11. Envelope with some light faults. Ex Conrad Latto.

Lote 754

SANTA LUCIA. Sc. 43, 46, 54, 55. 1892. ST. LUCÍA to U.S.A. 1/2 p., 2 1/2 p. , 1 p. on 4 p. and 1/2 p. on bisected 6 p. Registered cover. Arrival on reverse. Fine.

Lote 755

SANTA LUCIA. Sg. F14, F23. 1893. SAINT LUCIA to ENGLAND. 1/2d. green and 2d. pale blue FISCAL STAMPS tied by ST. LUCIA cds. Arrival on reverse. A RARE franking.

Lote 756

SANTA LUCIA. Sg. F9, F16. 1893. SAINT LUCIA to ENGLAND. 4d. yellow and 6d. mauve FISCAL STAMPS tied by A 10. Arrival con reverse. A RARE franking.

Lote 759

SAN VICENTE. Sg. 6, 9. 1868. SAINT VINCENT to FRANCE. 4d. deep blue perf. 11 to 12 1/2 and 1 sh. slate-grey perf. 14 to 16, tied by A 10. Double rate. EXTREMELY RARE franking. Ex. Bessemer. Cert. B.P.A.

Lote 760

SAN VICENTE. Sg. 4, 5. 1868. SAINT VINCENT to FRANCE. 1d. lake (4) perf. 11 to 12 1/2 and 6d. green (2) perf. 14 to 16, tied by A 10. Light crease in two stamps of 1d. Double rate. Outstanding and RARE franking. Cert. B.P.A.

Lote 761

SAN VICENTE. 1869. SAINT VINCENT to DEMERARA (British Guiana). 4d. deep blue perf. 11 to 12 1/2. Arrival GREYTOWN / GUIANA cds.on reverse. A VERY RARE destination, one of two single frankings known with this stamp. Ex. Sinton, Lickfold and Messenger.

Lote 762

SAN VICENTE. Sg. 6 (2). 1871. SAINT VINCENT to DEMERARA (British Guiana). 4d. deep blue perf. 11 to 12 1/2 tied by A 10. Double rate by French Mailboat. A VERY RARE destination, the only recorded with double rate. Entire with part of reverse missing but an exceptional cover. Ex Davy and Bessemer.

Lote 763

SAN VICENTE. Sg. 4. 1873. SAINT VINCENT to LONDON. Entire letter bearing 6d. green perf. 14 to 16, tied by A 10 and showing on reverse ST. VINCENT cds.

Lote 764

SAN VICENTE. Sg. 48, 49, 54. 1890. SAINT VINCENT to ENGLAND. Registered cover. Fine and attractive franking.

Lote 765

SAN VICENTE. Sg. 49 (2). 1895. KINGSTOWN to ENGLAND. 2 1/2d. on 1d. blue (2) and REVENUE stamp of 1d. olive (not tied). Redirected to GERMANY with British 2 1/2 d. stamp. RARE combined franking.

Lote 766

SARAWAK. 1898. Registered cover franked with 2 c., 3 c., 5 c., 8 c., 10 c., 25 c. and 50 c. bi-colored issue (SG 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 18, 20), along with 4 c. black (SG 29), prepaying the letter rate plus Registered fee to HONG KONG. Stamps cancelled by SARAWAK cds, and front shows additional scarce SARAWAK/R Registry handstamp. Reverse bears SINGAPORE transit and HONG KONG arrival datestamps. A scarce and colorful Registered cover.

Lote 767

SARAWAK. Sg. 37 (4), 39, 41 (4). 1913. KUCHING to LONDON. Large commercial registered envelope franked with four 2 cts., 4 cts. and four 10 cts. stamps. RARE high franking.

Lote 772

SEYCHELLES. 1913 (April 30). 12c. blue registered stationery envelope to Germany additionally franked by 1906 6c. carmine and 30c. violet & dull green tied by ´Seychelles´ cds´s in black. Ulm arrival on reverse (June 6). An attractive usage. SG 62,66.

Lote 773

STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. 1849. SINGAPORE to CÁDIZ (Spain). Sent via Alexandria, Malta and forwarded to Gibraltar. Boxed TO/PAY and charged 10 pence. On reverse ALEXANDRIA and PURIFIE AT LAZARET/MALTA marks.

Lote 774

SINGAPUR. 1872 (Nov. 1). SINGAPUR to FRANCE. Cover franked by France 25 cts. blue (4) tied by ANCHOR lozenge of dots. Carried on the French Paquebot "Meikong" with LIGNE M/PAQ. FR. Nº 1 circular datestamp in black (Salles 1922). Salles records just 2 covers from this unique trip from this line.

Lote 775

STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. 1875 (28-8). SINGAPORE a GENOVA (Italia).Circulada con sellos franceses de 40 cts. naranja (3), mat. ANCLA, a bordo del buque francés ´PEI-HO´ al lado fechador LIGNE N/PAQ. FR. Nº 4. MUY RARA.

Lote 776


Lote 777

* SOLOMON. Sg. 8/17. 1907. COMPLETE set. Fine. Stanley Gibbons 275£.

Lote 780

AFRICA DEL SUR. 1895. BRITISH INLAND MAIL. Cover carried on the "Donald Currie" Line of Steamers from Vatomandry, Madagascar durign the French Fleet's blockade of Tamatave. Combination cover from Antananarivo to Doncaster, franked by British Inland Mail March 1895, 4 d. rose, perf. 12, tied by BRITISH/MAIL/ANTANANARIVO thimble cds in violet (Sept. 9), with Natal 1891 2 1/2 d. bright blue applied for onward transmission and tied by DURBAN cds (Oct. 25) in black. Reverse with Doncaster (Nov 10) arrival cds in black The cover with corner tear at upper left and partial back flap lost but very rare: the service was only in use from January to 30 September 1895.

Lote 781

AFRICA DEL SUR. 1896. KOPJE to NEW YORK. Envelope franked with 1 d., 2 d. and 6 d. stamps tied by numeral "1" in bars and KOPJE/SALISBURY cds.

Lote 782

AFRICA DEL SUR: INGLESA. 1901. NATAL to LONDON. Spectacular franking on registered cover, arrival in front. Minor cover fault in upper right corner.

Lote 784

* SUDAN. Sg. 10/17. 1898. COMPLETE set. Fine. Stanley Gibbons 150£.

Lote 785

SUDAN. 1918 (August). ZEMIO (French Equatorial and Belgium Congo Border) to PARÍS sent vía Sudan with two 5 mills. stamp. Faults but very rare.

Lote 786

* TASMANIA. Sg. 216/225. 1892. COMPLETE set. Fine. Stanley Gibbons 750£.

Lote 787

TONGA. Sg. 3, 11. 1901. NUKUALOFA to AUCLAND (N.Z). 6 d. dull blue and 2 d. olive all bisected to complete 4 d. rate. Unauthorised usage but a rare franking.

Lote 788

* TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO. Sg. 215. 1921-22. 1 £ green and carmine. Fine. Stanley Gibbons 180£.

Lote 789

TRINIDAD. 1859. PORT OF SPAIN to NAPOLI. 1 d. red for inland rate and 1 sh., 1 p. prepaid to destination, crowned PAID/AT/TRINIDAD in red. Circulated via Sant Thomas, London and French. Red FRANCA in arrival. One back flap restored.

Lote 790

TRINIDAD. 1873 (Aug 26). Cover endorsed ´Via Panama´ addressed to ´Admiral Cochrane, Commander in Chief, Pacific Station´ ( located in Valparaiso) franked by (1d.) carmine and 4d. grey cancelled by Trinidad cds in black. Cover then docketed (at Panama ?) and noted as for ´Ship Repulse´. Reverse with St. Thomas transit cds (Sept 2) and manuscript ´4´ (pence) of split rate. A very rare and appealing cover. Ex collection Sir John Marriott.

Lote 794

ZANZIBAR. Sg. D8, D21. 1930. Underpaid cover from ENTEBBE franked by Kenya & Uganda 1922 1c. brown pair struck with hexagonal ´T´ marking in black, taxed on arrival in Zanzibar with 1930/33 Postage Due rouletted 6c. black on yellow and huge margined 1926/30 15c. black on orange tied by ZANZIBAR cds´s (Nov 17).

Lote 795

ZANZIBAR. Sg. D21. 1933. Underpaid cover from INDIA franked on reverse with 2a. purple tied by BOMBAY FOREIGN cds (Jan 13), front with large ´T.10 Cents´ handstamp in black and taxed on arrival with 1930/33 Postage Due 6c. black on yellow tied by REG. / ZANZIBAR cds (Feb 7) in black. Scarce.

Lote 796

GRECIA. 1869. KERKIRA a PÁDOVA ( Italia). 5 l. verde (2), 20 l. azul (2) y 40 l. lila (2). Carta certificada, marca CHARGE. MUY RARO franqueo.

Lote 797

GRECIA. 1870. VIENA a ATENAS. Tasada a la llegada con sello 5 l. verde y 80 l. rosa.

Lote 799


Lote 800

GUATEMALA. 1855 (May 15). Entire letter written from SAN JOSE (Guatemala, Port of the Pacific Coast) sent unpaid to HOYER in the Duchy of Schleswig, with reverse showing manuscript ´Forwarded Belize, Honduras, 16 June 1855 by your obdient servants N. Wesselhoeft´ and mailed from there via British Post Office with BELIZE double arc cds in black. LONDON transit cds (July 23) in red and Danish P.O in Hamburg transit (July 27) in black. Plethora of rates in manuscript ´10´ (pence) in ink (6 d. to GB + 4 d. to Denmark) = 8 1/2 sgr. + German share of 3 1/2 sgr. = 12 sgr. marked in blue ink. Rounded up to 16 shillinge = 52 skilling + 9 skilling Danish share =61 skilling due to pay (red crayon). A marvellous and extremely rare entire. Probably the earliest cover known from Guatemala to Schleswig-Holstein.

Lote 803

HAITI. 1883. PORT AU PRINCE a FRANCIA. 3 cts. bistre y 7 cts. azul (márgenes ajustados), mat. PORT. AU. PRINCE/HAITI, al dorso llegada.

Lote 804

HAITI. Sc. 13. 1895. PORT AU PRINCE a USA. 20 cts. castaño claro, pl. III. Carta certificada.

Lote 805

HUNGRIA. 1871 (Dec 23). Cover from PESTH to PARIS bearing, on reverse, five Lithographed 1871 5kr. rose red, all tied in transit by VIENNA cds´s (Dec 24) and by French arrival cds. An extraordinary and rare cover, opened for better Exhibit display.

Lote 806

ISLANDIA. Sc. 80-85. 1908 (Dec 22). Registered cover to COPENHAGEN franked by rare usage of 1907-08 25a., 40a., 50a., 1kr., 2kr. and rare 5kr. all tied by REYKJAVIK cds´s. Reverse with Copenhagen (Jan 11, 1909) arrival.

Lote 807

ISRAEL. 1948. PRECURSORES. Tres cartas, diferentes franqueos.

Lote 808

* ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: LOMBARDO-VENECIA. Sa. 32. 1858. 15 soldi azul tipo II. Buen centraje, color muy fresco. MAGNÍFICO EJEMPLAR. Cert. A. BOLAFFI.

Lote 810

ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: LOMBARDO-VENECIA. Sa. 25, 26. (1859 CA.). 5 soldi rojo y 10 soldi castaño en carta a VENEZIA. Mat. S. BONIFACIO (C1) y en el sello del reverso RACCOMANDATA.

Lote 815

**/* ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: ESTADOS PONTIFICIOS. Sa. 6A (15). 1852. 5 baj. negro s. rosa. Bloque de quince. PRECIOSO. Cert. E. DIENA.

Lote 817

* ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: ESTADOS PONTIFICIOS. Sa. 7Aa. 1852. 6 baj. negro s. gris. MAGNÍFICO EJEMPLAR. Cert. G. COLLA. Sassone 4.000€.

Lote 818

* ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: ESTADOS PONTIFICIOS. Sa. 8. 1852. 7 baj. azul. Goma original, excelente presencia. Leve punto claro. Firma G.C. (Colla). Sassone 5.000€.

Lote 819

ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: ESTADOS PONTIFICIOS. Sa. 8 (4). 1852. 7 baj. negro s. azul. Bloque de cuatro, muy fresco y con goma original. Leve pliegue que afecta a los sellos inferiores. Cert. G. COLLA y FIECCHI. Sassone 25.000€.

Lote 822

° ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: ESTADOS PONTIFICIOS. Sa. 11. 1852. 1 scudo rosa, mat. parrilla, algo emborronada como en la mayoría de ejemplares originales. Cert. G. COLLA. Sassone 7.000€.

Lote 823

° ITALIA ANTIGUOS ESTADOS: ESTADOS PONTIFICIOS. Sa. 12. 1864. 50 baj. azul (stampa difettosa), mat. fechador de ROMA. Amplios márgenes. MAGNÍFICO EJEMPLAR. Cert. E. DIENA. Sassone 10.000€.

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