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Lote 675

AFRICA ORIENTAL BRITANICA. 1902. NAIROBI to LONDON. 1 anna red and redirected to Egypt with GB 1 1/2 d. Unusual combination franking.

Lote 676

FIJI. Sg. 41, 45, 64, 70. 1881. LEVUKA to NOUMEA (New Caledonia). Registered cover, four colours franking including the rare 1 sh. pale brown. FINE.

Lote 677

FIJI. Sg. 41, 70, 72, 73, 75. 1891. SOUVA to LONDON. Registered cover, very nice franking. Arrival on reverse.

Lote 680

GIBRALTAR. 1851 (June 9). Outer letter sheet to Alnwick, Northumberland with fine strike of three line dated ´GIBRALTAR/9 JU 9 1851/ SHIP LETTER´ struck in blue (Day, Month, Day, Year, Type III). Red manuscript ´8´ denoting single rate of 8d. prepaid, reverse with framed ´Liverpool/Ship´ (June 17) and arrival cds. Displays well.

Lote 681

GIBRALTAR. 1856-64. SPANISH OVERLAND MAIN. 5 covers franked by 4 cuartos stamps diverse S. ROQUE cds.

Lote 682

GIBRALTAR. Ed. 48 (5). 1859. GIBRALTAR a CÁDIZ. 4 cuartos rojo (5). Mat. R.C. 63 de San Roque. Precioso y MUY RARO franqueo.

Lote 683

GIBRALTAR. 1867. GIBRALTAR to ORAN. 2d. blue (4) and 4d. orange tied by A26 cancel, endorsed ´P. Spalis´. Sent via Marseille. Unusual destination.

Lote 684

GIBRALTAR. Sg. 22, 27. 1892. GIBRALTAR to GERMANY. 5 cts. green and bisected 40 cts. orange brown, 25 cts. rate to Germany, with A26 duplex cancel. Rare franking but never authorized by the Gibraltar Post Office (SG. + 500£).

Lote 686

* GRANADA. Sg. 67/76. COMPLETE set plus some varieties. Fine. Stanley Gibbons +450£.

Lote 687

GRENADA: GRENADINAS. Sg. 33 (2). 1895. ST. GEORGE'S to USA. Envelope franked with two 4 d. green stamps, arrival on reverse.

Lote 689

HONG KONG. 1850 (Jan 30). Entire letter from HONG KONG to PARIS via Marseille, reverse with HONG KONG cds in black and obverse with good strike of PAID AT HONG KONG Crown Circle in red. Prepaid 1sh. in manuscript and charged 10 decimes due on receipt (March 21).

Lote 690

HONG KONG. 1863. Cover with manuscript endorsement on front from HONG KONG, struck on reverse with HONG KONG single ring datestamp (July 11) in black. Framed GB/1F 62 4/10 Anglo-French accountancy handstamp in black with Marseille entry mark (Aug 26) in red. Bolsuard arrival cds in red on reverse of a fine cover.

Lote 693

INDIA. 1857. HYDERABAD to ANNAN (Scotland). An open out envelope franked with block of twelve of 1/2 anna blue tied by numeral ´96´ of Bombay and redirected with Great Britain 1d. red. Espectacular and RARE redirected franking.

Lote 694

INDIA INGLESA. 1880. MADRAS to U.S.A. 1 anna Postal Stationery envelope with full contents uprated with 1/2 an. blue and 8 pies lilac (2) stamps. Unusual and fine franking.

Lote 695

INDIA. 1881. SIALKOT to PARIS. 1/2 anna blue and 4 annas grey green, on back local stamp of KASHMIR 1 anna red. Rare combination franking on cover to overseas.

Lote 696

INDIA. 1886. KASHMIR to AMRITSAR. 1 anna brown and 2 annas orange with three local stamps of KASHMIR on REGISTERED cover. RARE mixed franking.

Lote 700

JAMAICA. 1867. Cover to PARIS sent unpaid struck on reverse with KINGSTON / JAMAICA cds of despatch; sent via London where cds (Dec 18) in red applied with framed GB / 2F accountancy markings in black. Charged 10 decimes in black on arrival.

Lote 701

JAMAICA. 1873. KINGSTON a GÉNOVA. Circulada en el vapor "Elbe" de la Royal Mail Steam Packet, tasada a la llegada con sellos italianos de 30 cts., 40 cts. y 1 Lira. Muy rara procedente de Jamaica.

Lote 702

JAMAICA. 1874 (Aug 8). Entire letter at double rate from Kingston to Jacmel, Haiti on Steamer Elbe, with manuscript ´8´ in red (double Inter-island rate) bearing 1870-83 4d. brown-orange and 6d. mauve tied by ´AO1´ obliterators. Kingston cds of despatch on reverse. A rare entire. SG 11,12.

Lote 705

**/* LABUAN. Sg. 34. 1891-92. 6 cents. on 8 cents. deep violet, sheet of Ten. Light toned gum and minor surface age stains. Cert. R.P.S.Stanley Gibbons +2.000£.

Lote 708

MALASIA. 1898. Registered cover to SINGAPORE franked by single 1898 $ 4 dull purple & brown, SG 52, tied by MUAR star and crescent in black, red MUAR REGISTRATION cachet and red BANDAR MAHARANI-MUAR cds at left. SINGAPORE arrival on reverse.

Lote 709

MALTA. 1811. MALTA to TARRAGONA (Spain). Complete cover with interesting text written in spanish. Carried privately with two splits and some stains of desinfection in the Lazaretto of Mahon.

Lote 711

MALTA. 1838. Stampless envelope addressed to PARIS written from ´La Hauteur de Stromboli´ at Malta with manuscript ´MALTA´ and boxed PAQUEBOTS DE LA MEDITERANEE and charged ´20´ on arrival in manuscript. Very rare item.

Lote 716

MAURICIO. 1823. PORT LOUIS to VILLAFRANCE. Entire letter with COLONIES PAR/BREST entry mark, rated "21" decimes.

Lote 717

MAURICIO. 1823. PORT LOUIS to PARIS. Entire letter with COLONIES PAR/PAIMBOEUF entry mark, rated "8".

Lote 718

MAURICIO. 1861. BOMBAY to MAURITIUS. Entire letter rated ´6d´ showing two strikes SHIP LETTER, endorsed ´pr. Alwynton´. Very fine and rare in this condition.

Lote 719

MAURICIO. 1867 (Sept. 18). Cover and complete contents written from PORT LOUIS, MAURICE, (ANCIENNE FORT DE FRANCE), sent unpaid to FRANCE and struck with fine circular COR. D.ARM / LIG.T.PAQ.FR.No.1 datestamp in black of the same day. Handstruck ´30´ due marking applied, with Paris (Oct 25) arrival on reverse of a charming and rare entire that displays well.

Lote 720

MARRUECOS. 1884 (Feb 11). Outer letter sheet from TANGIER, mailed to LYON with Great Britain 1881 2½d. ultramarine, pl. 22 tied by GIBRALTAR/A26 duplex in transit. Reverse with Madrid transit cds and French TPO. A fine and scarce cover. SG Z28.

Lote 721

MARRUECOS. 1898 (June 27). Cover from TANGIER to KIEL (Germany) franked by 1888 10pf. carmine tied by KAIS. DEUTSCHE / MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST / No. 33 in black. Repeated strike below and Kiel arrival (2/7) on reverse of fine cover.

Lote 722

NEPAL. Mi. 7Bc. 1890. 1 anna indigo, setting 7-8 with BANKE cancellation. Oustanding colour very rare on cover. Ex. W. HENRIGL.

Lote 723

NEPAL. Mi. 7B. 1897 (July). 1 anna blue on cover with CHISAPANI cancellation.

Lote 724

NEPAL. Mi. 23, 24. 1910 (July). DHANKUTA to KATHMANDU. Registered cover franked by 8 pice red and 16 pice violet bearing a native registration label (Type I, State 1). RARE.

Lote 725

NEPAL. Mi. 24, 39. 1931 (Dec.). DOLAKHA to KATHMANDU. Registered & A.R. cover franked with a 16 pice of the 1907 issue and three 4 pice of the 1930 issue. RARE mixed franking of two issues.

Lote 726

NEPAL. Mi. 39, 40, 41. 1934 (May). PALPA to KATHMANDU. Registered double-weight cover franked with 6 pice green, 8 pice red and 16 pice violet.

Lote 727

NEPAL. Mi. 22 (2), 23 (2). 1912 (Feb.). JALESWAR to KATHMANDU. Registered cloth cover franked with two 4 pice and two 8 pice. It is addressed to the Maharaja.

Lote 728

NEPAL. 1917-30. New Printings. Oustanding collection of 2 anna shades, anile carmine, brown red, venetian red, lavender, lilac, grey black, rosy-mauve, purple, maroon, chocolate, etc. most with tete-beche pairs and pin perf. also some block, all with telegraphic cancellations. Several hundred stamps, the majories in fine condition (see web).

Lote 730

NUEVAS HEBRIDAS. Sc. 1/3, 5/8. 1911. PORT VILA to ENGLAND. Very nice franking. Arrival on reverse.

Lote 732

NUEVAS HEBRIDAS. Sg. 36. 1924. PORT VILA to SYDNEY. Registered envelope to AUSTRALIA bearing New Hebrides, 1 d. scarlet (15) tied by POSTES CONDOMINIUM PORT VITA NELLES HEBREIDES double ring with boxed Registered Vila handstamp in violet and Sydney arrival on reverse. Very fine registered franking.

Lote 733

LAGOS. 1873 (15-Jan.). Envelope ex the ´NUTTALL´ correspondence registered to MANCHESTER, showing red crayon ´3´ over ´2/5´, superb B/LAGOS cds., straight-line REGISTERED h.s., PAID/LIVERPOOL/SHIP tombstone d.s. (18.12) and two strikes of REGISTERED/LIVERPOOL double-ring d.s., both in red, with arrival d.s. (18.1) on reverse. Most attractive. Ex. H. G. PORTES, W. C. HINDE.

Lote 734

NIGERIA. Sc. 49. 1892 (Nov. 19). Cover to HAMBURG endorsed at upper left with ´pr. Eduard Bohlen´ and ´Lagos Rhede, 19-11-92, 54gr.´ bearing Germany 1889 20pf. blue (two pairs, one stamp with small blemish on front) all tied by framed AUS / WESTAFRIKA handstamps in black. Hamburg arrival cds (14/2) on reverse of a rare cover.

Lote 735

NIGERIA. 1893. OLD CALABAR to LONDON. 1sh. green ovpr. BRITISH PROTECTORATE/OIL RIVERS tied by double-ring OLD CALABAR. RARE stamp on cover.

Lote 736

NIGERIA. 1898. NIGER COAST to GREAT BRITAIN. 2 pence registered postal stationary envelope uprated with 1/2 d., 1 d., 2 d., 2 1/2 d. and 1 sh. Stamps arrival on reverse.

Lote 737

NIGERIA. 1899. Envelope sent to LONDON and redirected to Devon, franked with 1 1/2d. green (2) and 1d. orange (2) stamps.

Lote 738

NIGERIA. 1900 (June). Envelope to ESSEX, bearing 1900 1 d. at upper left tied by manuscript ´Post Office, Jebba, 4/6/1900´ in red ink and showing arrival cds on reverse; the envelope with some minor stains and opened-out.

Lote 739

* BORNEO. Sg. 81/86. 1894. COMPLETE set. Toned gum. Stanley Gibbons 650£.

Lote 747

SANTA LUCIA. Sg. 14. 1873. SAINT LUCIA to LONDON. (1sh.) orange perf. 12 1/2, cancelled by A 11 with ST. LUCIA double-arc cds. Fine.

Lote 748

SANTA LUCIA. Sg. 16, 18. 1880. SAINT LUCIA to FRANCE. (4d.) yellow and (1 sh.) orange, perf. 14, cancelled by A 11. Fine and attractive franking.

Lote 750

SANTA LUCIA. Sg. 16. 1882. SAINT LUCIA to FRANCE. (4d.) yellow, perf. 14 cancelled by A 11. Fine and attractive.

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